Sunday, January 31, 2010

Car Shopping

by summer this year the JP will be getting a new ride.
To make a long story short, I hate my car. It has caused some serious martial discourse that SP now says, Baby, buy whatever you want.( translation)
You've been bitching for 4 years and I will do whatever it takes to make you shut up.

YEAH ME. I worked him good these last 4 years !
We went to the Auto Show!

My first Auto Show was in Los Angeles in the 80;s !
It was huge and i just got lost in wanderlust of it all.
I ventured out on my own and sat in them ALL. It was awesome.

Below is contender number 1, the Lincoln MKX crossover.
I no longer have a need for a large SUV, we have a truck for the Star Mobile, and I have limited vision and this has a minimal blind spot. This is a deal breaker folks.
You wouldn't believe how many off the crossovers/SUV's have gigantic blind spots!

This is SP's choice the new Camaro. Although it would be totally wicked and I would look so freaking cool.
It's not practical for a horse lady. Can you imagine the dirt, poo, and hair all over?

This is SP's you buy it, I'll drive it face. Daddy likey it Red please.

BUMBLE BEE ! WE( as in both of us) wanted to get into this car badly, but went in the mood to fight a bunch of pre teen brats for a look see. I won Powerball, Bumble Bee and I would be lovers. :)

This is the new Burb. We already have a Burb, but would love to have a new one. We don't NEED a another one, but we love them just the same. we oooh and ahh'd and dreamed of road trips and what fun that large cargo area offers :)
One time, SP and I were making a very long road trip in the Burb and I often get car sick, so he made me a " bed" in the back , it was so nice !
This one was Hot Cherry Red. purrrrrrrr.
As a teenager, these cars were da' BOMB. I wanted a 70's Camaro so bad.
Sigh. We could have been very good friends MR Z...

This was Shawn number one pick the Cadillac. Purty ain't she? If this was in my garage, she would be aptly renamed. " Mistress".

She was very shiny and well loved, I told Shawn she was happy with her owner and he needed to move on before they called security.He has a rip in his sleeve from me yanking him. I think he even cried a little saying good bye.

Now we're talkin! Cruella DeVille if you please.

There are a couple more contenders in the JP search, but I was busy rolling testosterone infested beer gutted middle aged men for a chance to sit in them or little brats who were allowed to run amok and park themselves in the drivers seat. Sorry Lady your cute three year old doesn't need to daydream in the front seat of the Denali. MOVE IT!
I know you drive a used Prius and eat Hemp, so GIT! You are not shopping for a gas guzzling, climate changing, trailer/grain,pony crap hauling Denali lady. The Scions are next group over.
IT was super fun day and Shawn and I have this unusual love for the Automobile. If we had Jay Leno's money we would give him a run for it.


Desert Rose said...

I have been to THAT show many times!!! Fell in love with my first SUV "Range Rover"! 2nd SUV I sw there was the "BMW" but ened up being a bit too small after a few years. Now I have the Ford Expidition...KING RANCH to tow Jesse's Limo amd I adore it!!! I will happily pay a tax for my big pig poluting truck!!! I need it in my life and will give up something else to keep it!!! Good Luck, ldt us know what you get!

jennybean79 said...

Fun! I like that new Camaro too, but you're right - it's not meant for the abuses of a horse rider/owner. I think I'm going to get an Escape Hybrid after my 2003 Neon dies - I hope that is soon too!

Linda said...

Car Show is the ONLY way I shop for a new car. I'm originally from Chicago and inevitably the hubby would want to haul my butt from one dealership to another, (on a Sunday when they are closed!) in January, in the freezing cold, wind blowing, snow. Sorry! I want to to see them all in one place where it's toasty warm thankyouverymuch! Good luck in your search.

Jocelyn said...

I have had a Expedition, Burb and a NAvigator.

I think I just want mid-sized this time. But If I won the Powerball, the new Denali Yukon XL would be in my driveway!

Breathe said...

There is nothing better than a new car! I love my new car (I got it used, b/c I have bad Carma with new cars), although it's not very horse friendly.

I need a horsemobile. That way I don't have to borrow hubby's truck. Hmm. Burban time?!

Have fun!

Kristina P. said...

We just bought a used car on Saturday, we drive it off the lot, get it two miles down the road and the heater stops blowing!!!

Stephanie said...

Awesome pictures! Thanks for taking us on your trip to the auto show!

I would've chases off the teeny boys and sat in bumblebee anyways!

You have very NICE taste in cars BTW!!

jennifer said...

Dodge Charger... PLEEEEEEEAAASSE??

I love those cars!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

ROFLMBO! You had me cracking up at your thoughts on the Mom and little kids soliciting around the Denali. *snort*
That's a huge reason you won't ever see me at a car show like that. bah!

Oh and...umm....what fun does the large cargo area of the burb offer, hmmm?



Anonymous said...

LOVE old cars from the 60's and 70's when I grew up. They all had souped up huge horse powered engines and I could always hear my boyfriend coming to pick me up for our date from 3 blocks away... LOL

The Blue Ridge Gal

Judi said...

Love that old Camaro. I was one of the lucky ones. I had a couple beat up Camaros in my youth. A 1974 and a 1976. I followed with a 1981 Z28! It was awesome. Then I started to buy new cars. I had a 1990 and now drive a 2000 Camaro. It will be my last, though. I need front wheel drive for the snow.