Sunday, January 24, 2010

Smokin' Gun

Today Shawn and I went to Mount Hood National Forest aka Riley Horse Camp to have a shooting lesson for JP1. I do not know what kind of handgun I would like to carry , so I needed to test a few.
Ironically my Sweetie is just the guy to help a girl out.
It was beautiful and mytically quiet, however oh so COLD.

We had to go really far in to get away from the rain and just falling snow. We weren't alone up there.
This is what I think of the little hail pellets that starting pelting me. The scarf I am wearing is the last gift my Late Mother IN Law made me. I have to wear these glasses as they have a wider field of lens. I wear them riding too.

I am looking fairly warm and optimistic that this is going to be a good time. I am a good student and Shawn is an excellent teacher. I pay full attention to his instructions and ask twice if I don't understand. He is very patient thank goodness!

I got my fun little noise deafening ear phone thingy's on. SP and I can talk through these, its awesome.

This is the .45 Colt

I aim to "center mass" to kill and destroy. No wounds here, if you come in my house , you will leave in a bag I guarantee it. My Dad doesnt have to worry about me when Shawn is overseas.

.38 Smith and Wesson. I like this one the best it didn't recoil the bejeezus out of my wrists.

.40 H and K.
I said Stop or I'll shoot B****!...
See my cap? It's FROM ICELAND Shawn bought it for me when he went there for a 48 hour trip years ago. It is the warmest cap you will ever own.
Those Icelander's know how to make wool caps.

the .38 smoking gun close up

This is our intruder ' Dead Fred" , see the holes in the center mass black circle? Those are from yours truly. SHA-ZAM BayBEEE

So I did some shots to center mass and a quick pop between the eyes for good measure. Shawn was duly impressed with my mad skillz.
Note to DAD: Cool HUH? Even with only one good eye.

Sweeties turn to pop a cap into Dead Fred.

This is when Shawn made me pretend the intruder was within close range and point and shoot two quick shots in a row.

On the way home we stopped at a tavern and got some food and COFFEE, it was so cold and we were payne-sicles!
I think I'll save the next time for my concealed weapons class in the inside facility !

This is the video of the " intruder at close range" shots I did.


Kristina P. said...

Holy cow! You are hardcore!

Jocelyn said...

I am hardcore ! I don't do anything half a$$!

20 meter circle of life said...

bad azz!! i love it

Jocelyn said...

OMG am I not the cutest ever?


Linda said...

Another reason to like you! I started shooting last April. I've killed 'Dead Fred' deader than the hubby every time:) He is so proud of my 'natrual' talent *blush* He even bought me my very own .22 Browning Sterling Camper. One of our friends poo-poo's the .22 until I showed him my target with 10 rounds within a 2 inch circle from 25yards. Yea. I'm bad. :)

Desert Rose said...

I am in the market for my first gun!!! I really need to have one, we ride some really far in trails and just spent my 1st unscheduled night in the mountains because of a "missing" trail. We did have a gun with the group of 3 but I need to have my own now. A sheriff buddy will be helping me pick one! You are a great shot!!!

The Wife said...

Hey Annie Oakley! Shoot to kill is what I've always been taught!

An American's Observations said...

Desert Rose...that is fine to have a LE guy help you out, but try and find a range where you can rent a firearm to practice with. It is easy to say a firearm feels good in the gun store, or even a few rounds run through it. But 50-100 will tell you. Also don't discount revolvers; both JP and my son actually shot better with one; and if you practice and are a good shot, two hits is all it takes. :)

An American's Observations said...

BTW...JP did an excellent job shooting, a natural. Time to get her to a professional before I teach her bad habits.

Reddunappy said...

Good shootin! I have a AMT .45 Backup, a little pocket .45. My Hubby hates it, but I love it LOL, it fits my hand. His Colt .45 I dislike, it bruises my hand almost every time I shoot it. Everyone thinks I am nuts to have a little tiny .45 LOL.(its a 4" barrel)Dispite its size it does not kick bad at all.
Oh and "The Place to Shoot" in Porland will let you "rent" "try out" Handguns. They probably even have classes, I know over there in Oregon you have to take a handgun safety class, we dont here in Washington.

jennifer said...

Man I LOVE to shoot! Hubby taught me how before we were married. We don't get to practice enough!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ok, so you said that anyone who comes in your house ends up in a bag??? Well, then looks like I won't be coming to stay in your guest room and eating ever. gah!
Man! That gun was LOUD!

And I am totally trying to figure out why in some photos you're wearing that warm cozy Icelandic hat and in others you're not.
If it was a freezing cold there as it looked, noone would have been able to peel that hat from my head without that gun pointed at them first!

Girl, you're a little scary!
But you look hot shooting that gun, though. hehe!