Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Member of the Family

Look Away if you cant stand cute, because it's gonna get all kinds of adorable up in here!
 This is Baby Hank aka Hank Bouncer. He is our newest addition. He still lives with Aunt Darlene in Bend, because he is not old enough to be neutered and travel. When Shawn goes to Oregon in June, he will come home on the plane with him. He is a rescue of sorts and is what they call " Blue" Chihuahua.
Darlene already has plenty of "wows" as they are called, and Ive always secretly wanted one. Shawn swore on the Holy Catholic Bible I would never get one. Until this face came across Facebook, and well..  Shawn caved and I danced a happy dance!
Seriously could you resist a face such as this? I am checking into his first Bomber Jacket ASAP.
Saturday Trainer Carla and I did 11 miles on the mountain bikes. It's official I think it sucks. However, this was on the trail in the Mat-SU State Park, that was near the dump. Blogger Peeps this is NOTHING but trash bags and Grocery Sacks. It was unreal. I implore you to use reusable sacks and lessen your impact on Mother Earth. Just that one tiny change would make a huge difference.
9pm Alaska time Shawn wants to go for a stroll. My beehind is KILLING me from the day before but walking wont hurt right?? right..... This is him down by the lakes edge on the opposite side of us. Isn't it amazing?
Empty Nest has brought some new challenges to our relationship, mostly on my part I will admit. However, we are managing to come out on top and appreciate each other more and more everyday.
He literally is the best husband a girl could ask for. So whats better than a smooch at sunset ?

Not much I tell you, except maybe a cute little dog and my pony coming to Alaska soon!
Always look forward to the sunset my Blogger Peeps. Life is amazing, enjoy it and be present in every moment!
Hugs and Much Love,


wilsonc said...

Now that's one cute puppy!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

So good to hear from you! For some reason your blog isn't showing new posts in my reader, so I'm glad you stopped by and let me know you're back again.

The Hankster is such a cutie patootie! I've never been a fan of "wows" because they tend to be nervous freaks that tremble, shiver and yap. But now that I've got my own chiweenie, I'm hooked. Dobbie is more weenie than chi in many of her mannerisms and most of her looks, but she definetely has some of the favorable chi personality and behavior, too.

Love the lake photos. You guys look very happy. And what? Your Princess Pony will be joining you soon?! Hooray!