Sunday, May 1, 2011

I fell off the planet ? Sure did and boy am I tired.

I know I know.. Total disappearing act these days. Its for a good reason though!
What Have I been doing?
Alot of this.......
and wearing these
 and riding this... I mean alot, all the time.. constantly.
 I am training for  triathlons in June, July and August. I have never been so tired !
Ive had to completely change my eating habits, my life style and attitude towards hard physical exertion which is ALL mental. So that's where I am for now, stay tuned for how I changed my diet and the weight melted off like butter......


Reddunappy said...

Hey Girlfriend!!!! Wow!! Can I just say Wow!!!!
Way to go! I wish I could still do some of that stuff!! The swimming maybe, but not the rest!!
You go girl!!!!!
Glad to know you are still out there!!!!

wilsonc said...


Desert Rose said...

good to hear from you...beat wishes for the summer fun!

Merri said...

TRIATHLONS! you go girl! I appreciate people who are so motivated because I am NOT. not in that way, anyway.
- The Equestrian Vagabond

baystatebrumby said...

Whooooeeee! Good for you. It is always good to hear and read about athletes and bodies in motion. It feels good to have a moving, strong body, doesn't it? Go for it!!