Thursday, May 26, 2011

So whats in my lunch bag?

Like any good well bred Oregonian you carry your lunch in a Powell's Books Cloth Bag !
I pack my own food everyday. Although there are some days I'd rather eat a breakfast burrito , Diet Coke and call it good. I am not perfect ! Those breakfast burritos are the DEVIL. .....drool.....


Low Fat Turkey Lunch Meat from Costco
Red Bell Pepper
Carrot Sticks
Green Apples

I split all this up into three mini meals throughout the day. Sometimes I do it at home, but mostly I just do it at work.

I am trying to give up the Diet Coke/Pepsi but man is that trying to kill me these days.
Those folks who say drink Green Tea, are lame. Green Tea is good if your sick , but not if you are crashing at 2 pm and need cold caffeinated pick me up. Sorry but its true.

Last night we went out to eat and I had Halibut Fish and Chips. The fries were yucky so I only ate a few and the fish was awesome. After eating like this for awhile your taste buds become very aware of what tastes good and what doesn't.
Root Beer Floats(next time will use Diet A and W) with lactose free ice cream= GOOD
Over Salty not fresh fries/House made Cole Slaw = GROSS

It really is that simple, I buy organic as much as possible and only eat carbs in fruit, oatmeal and Sprouted grain bread. It's not for everyone and it can be expensive and a pain, but I am telling you its worth it!


Mrs Mom said...

That is some major commitment on your part girl! You are truly setting a great example. You and Steph both. I'm in awe of all y'all.


Oh-- do you ever hear from JP1 and the Weenies? I miss her!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You go girl! I've mostly given up coke because I can't stand the taste of diet soda and I think pepsi tastes like it's pure sugar anyway. The only time I will splurge on a coke is if we are at a restaurant or I've hiked several miles....that's kind of a reward. But I don't bring sodas into our home anymore. I won't drink the diet sodas because they are packed full of cancer causing chemicals, but I I do use Stevia, a natural herbal sweetener to sweeten my tea.
My biggest weakness is carbs, like bread...mmmm, garlic bread!

I'm really proud of you for your determination to lose the weight and stay healthy.