Sunday, January 9, 2011

Denali for New Years

Sorry to the family it took so long to get this posted. It has been a horrible couple of weeks at work . I finally had to quit. They left me with little choice. However I have a few leads and an interview on Monday.

For New Years Day we drove the 175 miles to Denali National Park. WHy? Just because and to say we did.
Now doesn't this look inviting? However its closed from October to May, this place is a ghost town.

This is a huge facility, kind of creepy seeing it all boarded up and no one around.
So we drove around, it was like trespassing, but hey they left the gate open!

This is an abandoned hotel on the way up the Denali Highway.
Kind of sad really, that was someones dream at one time.

One of the few patches of sunshine we saw that day.

A little more sunshine.. Come on you can do it!

the little town right before you actually enter the park. Also look abandoned!

The only bear we saw.

There it is, so now we can officially say " been there done that"!

Comet, Cupid and Blitzen enjoying some time off after the busy Christmas season.

Well that was the big excitement for our New Years Festivities. We are boring boring boring I know! IT was a good time and the scenery was unbelievable!


Paige said...

gorgeous pics though! I could not get out of bed if I had to look at all that snow

wilsonc said...

You will have to go back in the summertime and post pictures of it then too. Bet it's just as pretty but a little bit busier.

Desert Rose said...

So you had some rough weeks. The dirve was winter wonderland though!

JJ said...

How gorgeous!! Oh my gosh, I've never been out west (other than flying into Southern California) and your pictures just make it look so breath takingly beautiful! I can't imagine having the view of those mountains every you ever take it for granted?

JanLou said...

Hope the interview goes well. Know how things can be in the wrong job and currently searching for new employment myself. Fantastic photos by the way.

AKPonyGirl said...

So, now you can have coffee at Metro in the afternoon?

Merri said...

*sigh*, so beautiful there!
- The Equestrian Vagabond