Friday, June 3, 2011

Oh and it only gets better ....

Ready for another lengthy post? Good, settle in then. Got that snuggie and slippers ready because here goes.

It's Memorial Day weekend so what does every other American couple do on a sunny day but go to their local Home Depot for some flowers. And to what do Shawn's wandering eye do appear? Dad's reels hanging in the garden area. Shawn says Hey Honey, aren't these your Dad's reels? I look up and immediately go Yep, those are them all right. So if I ever I get lonely for family I can run down to Home Depot and chill with the Garden Hose Reels I guess.
 Dad started this company back in 1984- ish , it was the whole reason we moved to SoCal in the first place.
I thought it was cool that all the way up here in Wasilla I see a bit of home.
 The whole reason for the HD trip was because Shawn brought these Calla Lillie's home for me from Costco. They are so beautiful and my favorite flower, so I needed to buy soil and other flowers to go in my containers. Pansies, Soil, Pots and voila! A container garden in about 30 minutes. Easy Peasy.
 The view of my backyard and the lake over the weekend. The weather was outstanding and just nearly perfect. Met the interesting neighbor and his less than interesting Pit Bull. Sorry but they scare me and I am not a fan of them running loose in my yard just because "everyone else does it". My dogs are NEVER allowed to run loose. EVER...Let's not get me started about the poop in my yard that I know is not my dogs poop. ugh so nasty...
Perfect for catching fish? Not really.. Shawn caught this bad boy about 12-14 inches. But nothing else all weekend.  We are buying a canoe so soon we will be going out farther than just the boat dock to cast. Shawn was very impressed that I knew how to cast a line even though I had not picked up a fishing pole in nearly 20 years. I told him, my Dad could put a pole in my hand and I would be happy for HOURS, sitting by myself just casting that line over and over again.
 We ended the entirely too perfect weekend with a campfire and Smores. It would have only been better if we had people over sharing it. The neighbors had a party with almost 100 people. We went over later after all the majority of them had left to chat, smoke cigars and drink. Yeah, life is rough out here.. So so hard...
 So that's the weekend round -up. Onto the diet for a second. Anything Amy's is yummy. These burritos are SUPER Yummy. Expensive but I'm not eating them everyday. Some days I just want to stick something in the microwave and call it good.
 These however were GAH-ross. Do not eat unless you like overly minty edible paste. Almost like the stuff we had in Kindergarten but I think worse. I wouldn't know as I wasn't a paste eater, but I am speculating anyway.
 So AK PonyGirl invited me to go on a trail ride while they marked trail for this weekends upcoming poker ride. I am not one to ever say no, so of course I went! She is a great trail horse, point and go. No drama just happily plugs along. I am beginning to favor the short ponies. It was so easy to throw a leg over her! I am used to Star where a mounting block/stump/step etc is required as she is tall and gets all kinds of pissed off if you mount from the ground.
We were out riding until almost 11 pm and it was just barely getting dark.  How wicked cool is that? When Star gets here we will be riding up in these mountains. Oh I cant wait!
So that's all I got so far, nothing terribly exciting and new to report here in the Last Frontier.
If you are planning to come visit, let us know as we would love to have you! 
JP~ Hugs and Love


Ms Martyr said...

So are you going on the poker run this weekend? I'm going to check out the dressage show at Chamberlain either today or tomorrow. I think there's another hunter/jumper at the France Equestrian Center next weekend.

Jocelyn said...

I was going to but I tweaked my lower back somehow.
I was reaching for something on the floor and snap.. Ouch!
We should hook up soon though!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Sounds like you had a great Memorial Day weekend. I would have thought those peppermint patties would have been good with the premium dark chocolate. That's too bad.

JJ said...

I love those Amy's burritos too!

I can't believe it's light there for so long. Did it take you a while to get used to that? Kinda' cool!