Friday, July 31, 2009

What NOT to do while playing softball

Do NOT and I repeat Do NOT look over the top of your sunglasses and lose track of the ball for a split second. Especially if that ball is coming from an outfielder with a wicked arm.

I drove myself to the ER, they rushed me to a Cat Scan, the ER doc was positive something was broken. Nothing broken but wow my black eyes are going to be EPIC!
I will take pics over the next week :)
I was going to post I got in a bar fight and WON. But, non of my friends or teammates would be able to collaborate that story!


jennybean79 said...

O to the emmer effin uch! Hope you feel better!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

GAH!!! least it wasn't a kick by a bog hoof. But geez that's a mighty big knot and so close to your eye, too. Poor you!


ps. In reply to the blog comment you left for me :
I hear ya. The summer has been zooming by fast. We typically don't do too much during the summer, but we had a few activities that we really wanted to do, and during the school year with our homeschool schedule, it's difficult to fit them in. It's been busy...but 'good' busy :)

Riding? Who knows when that will be. I have no insurance now since my hubby lost his job over 5 weeks ago. And I haven't been able to go to physical therapy either. I still have a lot of weakness and muscle loss in my quad muscle and both of my hips are weak and suffer from hip dysplasia, too. I'm a mess.
And I won't be riding Baby Doll again, especially not as my first ride.
I've been watching her over on the leased pasture with the other 4 horses, and she is truly an alpha mare. She bosses everyone around...and gives some whoop ass to any horse who doesn't mind her. The one newer gelding is covered in cuts from her kicking out at him when she gets annoyed. And the other gelding, I watched get kicked as she came to the fence to visit with me. She kicked him so hard he cried out and it sounded like his shoulder had broken! But he was fine afterwards and walked normally. Scary, though, how fast and hard horses can inflict damage. gah!
How about you? Are you getting any riding in?

Word Verification: 'Croutchi'

Next time a ball is coming towards your face, maybe you should croutchi?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

BIG hoof...not bog hoof. bah!

The Wife said...

OH MY WORD!!! This is why I don't play softball!