Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty..

Shawn and I were watching a movie last night on PPV. It was 106 in Oregon today! We were going to go TO the movies, but elected to gorge on ice cream and do PPV instead.

So about an hour into the movie, we notice something.. uhhh Honey have you seen Tristan(new kitty)? No have you? No, I thought he was under the bed.. Did you let the dogs out? Yes.. OMG ! HE is in the back yard with the dogs!! Thank goodness Tristan was on the OTHER side of the electric dog fence.

So we stop the movie.. in 106 degree heat, to go rescue Tristan from his immediate peril.

HE managed to get under the garden shed.
So here we are 2 adults in stifling heat on our hands and knees , calling for Tristan to come out from under the shed. You can see him but not quite reach him.
"Kitty Kitty, Tristan, come on out, its OK, bad dogs are all gone" in our sweet pet owner voices.

Seamus was down helping and supervising as well and saying: " Leave him under there" " that'll learn him for good this time"

Shawn says: Honey get down on your knees so he can see you. Dear God what have we become?

So imagine if you will, both of us on our knees in nothing more than t shirts and underwear calling for the kitty in the back yard. He finally came out and proceeded to MReow MReow for about an HOUR. So new safety precautions are now in place.

I hope no one got that on YouTube.


Mrs Mom said...

LOL You go JP ;) Silly kitty anyways. Sure hope he decides to stay put where he belongs from now on! hehehe

Oh- and if it DID get youtube'd, then you BEST get some mega royalty payments off it! ;)

Kristina P. said...

I DO hope someone got that on YouTube! :)

jennifer said...

If your neighbors are bloggers YOU'RE. TOAST.