Sunday, July 19, 2009

No trail ride today, so we bonded with Mr Wall

Goofy horse threw a shoe again. So I had to run to the feed store and buy a rasp and shoe puller. I nipped the nails and rasped them down and then Dylan the BO hubby took it all the way off. She is now completely shoeless. Very very sore. The specialist will be out this week to evaluate her and what we can do to keep her barefoot and sound.
So instead of riding, she got a bath and some Mr Wall lovin.

While she was bonding with the wall, I watch the BO work her own horse. This is a PeptoBoonsmal grand baby. He is teeny tiny maybe 13.2 hands, but he is only 2. Did the red roan give it away???
HE is so cowy and athletic. I can't wait to see him get a cow next year.

Oh the relaxed face I was looking for, as soon as I saw her finally relax I let her go eat lunch.
If she was still doing the impatience stork leg deal, the screaming for her friends, she would STILL be standing there. ;)

Just a side shot to show she has gained topline, lost her MAJOR hay belly and her coat is as soft as cashmere. She has really blossomed at the ranch.

Maybe next week we'll trail ride! I swear it is NOT my destiny to ever ride endurance. I keep having one road block after another. Someday we'll be blazing trails !


Paige said...

She does look good-- Im sorry your trail ride fell apart. You are nicer than me, I would have made her go anyway--but sounds like she is a tenderfoot. Most of mine are not, but Twist is---so he did not go today either.

Who is the daddy of the Pepto? He will grow---they can be kinda slow to blossom.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That little gelding is cute.....and calm with all those toys tied on him, too. hehe!
How does Mis Bling Bling do with toys strapped to her?

Bummer about the foot issues. You just need to go totally barefoot, girlfriend. Find a barefoot farrier and just use some Old Mac's on the trail. Her feet will thank you for that in time, once they toughen up a bit.

She sure looks great, though. Ranch life there is good for her. Now we just gotta get you out there to enjoy it with her.


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(once Star's feet get tough, you'll both exell(sic) on the trail)