Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mamma don't need no Ay-Rhab....

When she has me Star the Endurance Paint..... Ay- Rhabs are fo sucka's....

This is my endurance saddle, not the regular pad I will be using, I am going to buy a pad that is made for endurance and fits around this saddle.

Sporting my Hought Bridle/Halter/Breast collar combo in bright blue. Isn't she pretty?

The set came with the saddle when I bought it. I would have picked this color myself.

My new saddle pad will be the same color.

These trails are right behind the Ranch. It's like Milo McGiyver Park, but better.
It's free, I dont have to haul in and it's NOT crowded.
Star was fine bringing up the rear, which is a VERY good thing. Can't stand a horse that is constantly fighting for the lead.

Ahhh the relaxed and listening ears. We are both in our happy place today...
Then we did the unexpected. Rebakah asked if I minded doing an ext. trot down this one path.
No, I say... Well that turned into a full gallop, Star and I have never gone that fast.
It was the most awesome exhilaration ever!
Who needs a husband?? Shawn who??
uhhhh Holy Hooves of Mother Mary ! What are those? Those are Llamas sis, they are harmless.
Like hell they are harmless ! We've got to go and go NOW.
Poor Sis, on the way up to the trails we passed a herd, she was fine until the Mini Horse and Mini Donkey came to the fence. Lordy Lordy, she was SURE they were mare-eaters. She was good about it, but I just laugh... I don't take her weird fears seriously. We usually work through them or I ignore them and carry on like nothing happened.

Speaking of fears !!! What's this??? Are we in the same proximity of the Moo Cows?
Yes we are, and Sis was a rock star.. NO drama. She went a little sideways when one came a running at us. Other than that, she was very good.
Nothing like she was two weeks ago, when she almost killed the both of us.

Ok here is the best part............ Wait for it.................. wait.................
The mud puddle DRAMA QUEEN, went into the POND!!
Yeah thats right I said it, she went into the pond ! Not on the first try, but she followed another horse in.
You ca't see it very well, but I have muddy green leg proof!!!

This is a horse that thinks mud puddles are the straight expressway to a plate in France.
It was crazy awesome. I didn't want to get out my camera because if I dropped it in that water, I'd never see it again.
What a big day for the big girl ! it was exciting, and now I have the know how to get off the ranch property and go riding alone on the trails.

Then I had to go home, take a nap and play 3 hours of softball. I am whooooped !!!
Star was definitely rode hard, and put away cold shower wet today!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wooohooo! What an awesome ride. Looks like Miss Bling Bling has found her calling. She had a good time!
And so did you. I'm so happy for ya!
She looked awesome from the saddle, too.

Happy Trails!

wilsonc said...

Congratulations! What's your time line on endurance riding? Have you checked them out? Are you going to start small? I don't know much about endurance riding, but I do know about 4 and 5 hour trail rides and after one of those I'm whooped!!!

Jocelyn said...

We are doing our first 25 in October in Molalla.

Start small? Oh yeah, no way Star or I could do anything BUT small.

that endurance saddle is not meant for comfort! Im going to need a butt gel pad or something! yikes!

20 meter circle of life said...

Sounds like an awesome time!! COngrats ont he pond and the Moo Cows!!

Jocelyn said...

Lisa: She loves trail riding it is her calling. That and turn and burn gaming or drill. She either wants to la de dah pl;ug along, or haul a$$. !

The show pony has completely went away.

Char: I've been exploring endurance for two years now. Its been a long tough road, but I am determined!

JP2: thanks, cant wait for you to bring Booster to the Sandy Delta with us !

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Great ride! Glad she was so good.