Saturday, July 18, 2009

Got Cow?

Remember these pretty ladies? They are on loan for a cutting clinic next month.
As everyone knows, I'm TERRIFIED of moo cows. Thus I am sure Stars first moo meeting didn't go so well. Can we say negative energy projection anyone??

So after Stars teeth got floated I took her out while still mildly sedated and reintroduced her to the Monsters of Meat.
This time was much better, she gave them a long hard look and got close enough to see them looking right back ! Cows are so funny. You can just imagine what they are saying.
Hey Flossy, did you see that long legged Holstein? Is it bad when a herd of heifers is collectively cleaner than your ONE horse?

So no drama, just right into eating the weeds. Flossy and Bossy here kept a keen eye on us, and what was funny was when we moved while grazing the WHOLE HERD moved along the fence with us.

I was going to post dental pics, but I accidentally erased them all before they got downloaded !
What a doofus!
Star had a very big day, Mr Dentist and Moo Cows. She was such a good girl. She wasn't 100% juiced during the float and still let the VET do her teeth! Can you imagine? He gave her high praises for allowing him to work in her mouth like that.
Tomorrow???? LONG LONG trail ride with Rebekah and another friend!
I promise I wont delete the pics !


The Wife said...

Monsters of Meat! LOL! You kill me with your bovine phobia. Glad you and Star had a good experience with Flossy and Friends.

Paige said...

Good idea--drug her up and see if she is still scared. Seems like something I would do

Now where did this absurd fear of cows come from --for both of you?

Jocelyn said...

Ok.. The moo cow phobia came from summers spent at my Aunts house. In order to ride the horses, we had to go through a field of the rankest mean WILD cows.
I've been chased, cornered, kicked and head butted by the best.

Then I thought I'd give it a whirl to try and see some at the Fair.
They are more like pets right?
Yeah no... Hostile, pissed off bovines are not my friends.

So once a really good looking rancher at the State Fair, let me love on his prized steer, he was a red angus, HUGe and just a gem. He let me sit there and hang out with him while he and Shawn discussed cattle. I fell in love with that Steer.

Star's deal is a mystery, I have no idea why she acted like a doofus.Today she was perfectly fine with Flossy and Bossy. go figure.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yay! Maybe with the little bit of drugs, she wasn't seeing clearly? The mosters of meat maybe looked more like fuzzy brown shrubs in her impaired state. lol!

Way to go for both of you, though. Maybe one day the two of you will be out there doing some cutting events. *wink*

You never know!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ps...Maybe I should prewarn you about a post I'm going to be doing soon.....where I walk among the mosters of meat. *evil grin* Bwahahaha!