Thursday, July 16, 2009

Logen ....My Boot Camper

Today was the day we had to have Logen in Bend to check in at the Oregon Youth challenge Program. we left last night and stayed in a motel. We took Logen to see Harry Potter as one last fun thing before his long 5 months.
This is a VOLUNTEER program, I did not force him to go, but I showed him that this was his one LAST CHANCE to get his life turned around and back on track with his peers.
So last night we had to shave his head. Guess who volunteered for that job?
You got that right. :)
Poor kid really does have beautiful hair for a boy. Chocolatey bronze natural highlights brown. Mamma pays the big bucks for this color.

We call this Bozo the Logen Clown.

See those eyebrows, that is what I would look like if I let them grow wild.
He could star in the show Prison Break now !

On our way to Bend. I'm hoping that he is contemplating the WHY"S and HOW'S of how he got himself into OYCP in the first place. i.e.. If I hadn't skipped school, if I had done my homework, if I hadn't been so mean to Mom and sent her over the edge, if I had.... yadda yadda.
But most likely it's . "This is going to suck................." Mom wasn't kidding she really is making me do this... "
This kid has never even been to CAMP!
Everything he needs for the next 5 months is in this garbage bag. No suitcases allowed , everything had to be in a disposable sack. We were one of the first people in line , 7 am comes early I tell ya. I don't think Logen slept a wink.. You know how I know?

He fell asleep on my shoulder while waiting for the entire group to in process.
His big head put my arm to sleep. Poor kiddo was super stressed and just a big ol crab.

It was an emotional day for sure, but my big cry came last night when Logen was being crabby at me at the movies. It was too much for me to bear and I just had a meltdown. Oh HE KNEW he was the cause, because he shut up and looked down and felt really bad. Mamma crying doesn't happen that often ! I have to be pushed to my limit.

About 30 minutes after this picture they were rushed out by the platoon leaders and straight into Pre- Challenge. Its like two weeks of straight boot camp. You could hear them in the gym doing some sort of formation, marching, or push ups. Not sure.. But it was eerie that my kiddo was a part of it.
It's time for a beer and an early night to bed. Shawn and I have the house ALONE for the weekend :) Don't expect to hear from me !!!


Mrs Mom said...

GO JP. Tough Love, girl. We'll be pulling for ALL of you.

And have an awesome weekend! wink wink nudge nudge

The Wife said...

Enjoy your weekend. I hope the bootcamp works out.

jennifer said...

You are a good Momma. I know it wasn't easy, but it's best to face issues early. I am not at liberty to talk about certain family matters but I've seen what can happen if you don't get their attention and help them make right choices.

Prayers for your son and for you too!

jennifer said...

Oh! And that haircut can't hurt a boy that good looking. He does look a lot like his mom.

gtyyup said...

Good luck to Logan with bootcamp...this should be really good for him.