Sunday, April 18, 2010

We did it ! and got the t shirt

32 miles in 6 hours 10 minutes!
This is cresting the first 5 mile hill. She was just amazing and gave me the ride of a lifetime.
However we came in LAST, but the endurance rider motto is
To Finish is to Win. :)

a very very tired pony, but was a total Rockstar. She couldn't have been better.
She is quite the poser when the camera comes out.
I sat with her alot just hanging out together. I rarely get this kind of alone time with her.

Ride camp at sunset. Just beautiful. I am not going again until i Have more comforts of home.
Sleeping in the truck and no shower, no hot coffee, SUCKED SUCKED SUCKED.

The finish line! I have never been so tired and so proud of myself at the same time.
This was the most grueling thing I have ever done. I am so lucky I had horse to take me to the finish! She got all A's on her vet checks and trotted out sound. wooo hoooo

Here is the video of us coming into the finish!


Reddunappy said...

Awesome awesome!!!

I did a 25 mile ride years ago, on a freinds horse, it was a blast! We came in like 3rd and 4th because the "fastest" riders got lost and took the wrong trail! Otherwise we would have been like 10th or 12th. I was a lot of fun.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Congratulations! You should be very proud of this!. Years and years ago I did a 25 mile competitive trail ride. It was fun but lots of hard work. I would love to get back into it someday.

wilsonc said...

Wow! Jocelyn what an accomplishment. You and Star are awesome. Hope you've had a long, hot shower, and get a good nights rest. You deserve it.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I am so freaking proud of you, JP!!! And proud of your bling bling princess Star, too. She's proved herself to be more than just a fancy show pony...and're hardcore, girlfriend!

The sky is the limit for the two of you!

I wish I could give you a great big hug!

I can't wait until you head out again for your next Endurance Ride!


jennybean79 said...

YAY! That's so fantastic! I love your video - are you riding in it? I didn't see the Lovely Star's head.


baystatebrumby said...

HEY! I am so impressed and happy for you! That is so terrific! Wow, 32 miles! I cannot imagine. I did ten miles a few years ago but 32??? I shriek with satisfaction for you!

Jocelyn said...

Pam: thank you !it was awesome

Val: just get out there and start riding those hills of NM! You'll be ready in no time. Posting trot for 32 miles is something you have to work up to. I wasn't nearly ready! OUCHIES..

Char: shower and sleep are my top two things in my life right now!right after ibuprofen and naprosyn.

Lisa: Next ride isn't until June and we are going to try the 50 miler :)

Jenny: I know I should have taken a better video, I was so tired and could barely hold the camera and walk beside Star at the same time. ! The finish line guy offered to take out picture but OMG I was covered in dirt and sweat GROSS!
I walked with her over the finish.. I needed to get her pulse down.

BSB: yes 32 ! CRaaaaaaaaazy talk I know ! it was the most grueling thing I have ever done. Any trail ride from now on is going to be a cake walk!

strivingforsavvy said...

That's great! Glad you both made it safe and sound. What an accomplishment!

Rising Rainbow said...

Congratulations! I'd be proud to finish too! Way to go!

jennifer said...

I'm so proud of both of you! What an amazing accomplishment.

Desert Rose said...

That is awesome! Is Star gated??? The longest I have ridden in one day is 22 miles...but it was all up then down and the longest in the saddle 10 hours. Maybe we can hook up this summer and do some training!!! I know what you mean about "Camping" with really sucks and I refuse to do it too. However...I will go where I can have a nice bed and shower with my horses right outside in pens!

AareneX said...

Congrats on your finish--that looks like Grizzly Mtn, am I correct? It's a beautiful ride when the weather is good, and I guess you got great weather for it!