Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Queen speaks her mind day one:

So there I was in my stall eating my 2nd breakfast, minding my own...
When the barn goes all abuzz with gossip and crazy talk. Thai, my neighhhh bur says to me:

Thai: Star I hear you are going on a long trailer ride and an even longer trail ride with your Momma.

Star: Psssh, that's silly shut up Thai, I only go to shows and get done in time for 2nd lunchies.

Thai: Well according to Grace and her Mamma, it's totally true , you are now an "endurance horse".

Star: Do I looks like an Ay-rhab to you? Only those sillybrained, pointy faced Ay-rhabs do endurance. I am a Paint, Paints do shows n stuff. Besides My Momma would have told me.

Thai: Why do you fink she bought the new trailer?

It was then I knew, my Momma has been keeping a secret. The long trail rides, the new saddle, the whispers of special shoes and now the trailer. It was all making sense now.

I am totally calling Grandpa, he will put a stop to this crazy talk.
He says I am Stall Diva, Stall Divas don't walk for 30 miles and carry her FatA.. large boned Momma. OMG OMG OMG... I feel colicky, gassy, **urp*** yes, it's definitely colic, and maybe some lameness, yes my foot hurts now too.
I am going to go lie down.


Breathe said...

Oh dear. You'd best starting limping.


Endurance? Yikes. I hope your mom doesn't talk to mine.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...


Well, it's either endurance....or cow sorting. And we all know how much you adore cows.....



Jocelyn said...

breathe: oh the limp was two weeks ago. Pitiful

Lisa: for real right? Moo Cows or endurance! She thinks she is Show Diva, boy does she have a suprise coming!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Star you need to go show up those Arabs, paints can walk them into the ground... I can lone you some appytude if you need it.

jennybean79 said...

Star!! Show those Arabs what Paints are made of. You'll be the prettiest girl on the trails and you won't blend in with the landscape!

strivingforsavvy said...

Too funny!!

Jocelyn said...

Jenny! OMg you are so funny because a friend and I were totally laughing at the same thing. If I get lost, the search party will have an easy time spotting us!
I tell people look for a Holstein Cow with a saddle on :)

Stephanie said...

HA! That great! Probably exactly what they are thinking too.