Friday, April 2, 2010

The Universe called and the Queen isn't happy.

Clearly Star is none so pleased that blog has been chock full of Mamma's other " 4 leggers" and not her. Since this is HER BLOG and all.
I got a random text this morning.
Ponys rulz, dogs r dum, cats dummer ,need Doritos asap.
such a .......... mystery............... who could have sent that text?


Sir Darby said...

Better send Doritos or you could be in big trouble

Mrs Mom said...

Yeah, when the ante is upped to include M&M's, and extra Cowboy Magic, you are REALLY FUBAR ;)

Desert Rose said...

What a gorgous picture of STAR!!!

jennybean79 said...

I can't wait for more posts about the "star" of this blog :)!!

jennifer said...

That may have come from me... I NEED Doritos asap.

It's hard to do equal blog time for everyone that you love.