Friday, April 9, 2010

Stress is my middle name.

Do you ever stop and think about all that one has to deal with in a given day?

I do. All the time.
I have a SUPER stressful job, not " busy" but stressful. I deal with peoples credit, finances, government rules, audits, red tape. Blah blah blah. Oh and let's throw in the whiny, needy, narcissistic bossman. Any who.

So here is a sample of what on my plate:

1. Husband in Afghanistan.
2. Child trying to graduate, but one false move and all he has worked for a year will be for nothing.Then he is off to Marine Boot Camp. I will have 2 kids in the military. If he doesn't graduate, the Marines will not take him. I really need them to TAKE HIM.
3. I have my first endurance ride coming up and feel so unprepared it's not funny. I have lists and lists and lists of my lists, and haven't started.THIS IS NOT LIKE ME, I HAVE PREP OCD.
Not sure what is going on with me about that.
4. I job that hate more and more everyday, but the hours allow me to take time off and we are slow enough that Bossman can survive while I am gone. The previous 10 years in the mortgage business this was NOT the case. So that is a blessing.
5. There are two surgeries I NEED to have, but I do not have the available time off from riding and working to get it done. Maybe November?
6.Pending military move, Shawn has put in for Alaska, Texas and Illinois. Paige would appreciate Illinois as then we could play together :) Texas however is FIRST on JP's list. I don't care where really, but ALASKA would NOT be my first choice, but SP promised Alaska would be a short stint ONLY , keep our house here and then move back in 4 years.
7. Still angry with the child that if he hadnt been such a screw up that I would have been able to do a massive career change, but that is now not an option and I have missed my window. I am still reeling from that disappointment, can't even talk about it.

a short list I know but man they are weighing in heavy these days.

I need to do these rides just to survive the next 8 months until Boot Camp.


Stephanie said...

Sorry you got all that going on, and about the pain in the rear child. My brother was and still is like that. My grandpa tried to make him enlist and he wouldn't do it - but honest I am not sure than he could've given his past screw-ups....sigh...I hope you find something else to re-direct your career towards, I know how devastating that can be.

Fear not - there are horse shows and endurance rides in Alaska....granted a shorter season but still...

Kristina P. said...

I would be stressed with just one of those things!

Heather said...

What does not kill us makes us stronger.
I am woman, hear me roar...

Okay forget that crap, get drunk.

wilsonc said...

Wow!!!! You do have a lot going on. All the more reason to take care of yourself and do the things you love. At least if you move with your husband you will get away from the boss you have now.

allhorsestuff said...

So sorry to read all the juggling going on and the job at the core of daily living ick! Sometimes I thank my owner at where I work...cause I can go to work, and forget the outside world for hours!I is a twist and normally not like that.

Hang in and sounds like today (cept the wind factor) was good to get out with your absolutely gorgeous mare!~ And so NICE TO MEET YOU out there...maybe I can get involved with the endurance stuff sometime, and help...I like to help and work hard. I thought I may try my mare at that... still thinking.

Gosh, really take care... Am sorry that you have to do it alone right now. Praying for your man and got a lot going crashes please!
Meet up sometime again, I hope,

Desert Rose said...

hay...I will be back in PDX May 8th. Need a week or 2 to get settled back in and then I am ready to ride!!! I will go with you and help you do some of your endurance training. I can take my mare she's gaited, and we can go as far as you want.