Tuesday, April 20, 2010

answers to your questions and Grandpa went all ASPCA on me

I have been asked the same questions on the blog and facebook about Miss Star.
So here are the answers!

1. Star is not gaited, she is a Paint/TB , with seriously crappy feet, which we are hoping to get fixed in short order.

2. Star is most likely homozygous for the Black and White , I have no plans EVER to breed her EVER.She is a conformational train wreck, that DNA will not see the light of day.

3. She was 95% trained by yours truly. I bought her as an unbroken three year old Mothers Day 2004.

4. Her being an endurance horse is sort of serendipity, and I am grateful she will do anything crazy I ask her to do. Whether it be showing, cows, trails, endurance or Dressage, she always gives me 110%.
She is very used to my shenanigans:)

She is my heart horse.

I love that horse more than my husband and kids !
Even my Dad loves her as much as I do. She is the grandhorse :)

Grandpa called everyday while we were in Madras this weekend at the ride. To check on Star, not me, but to make sure she was doing allright.
Dad has always been very supportive of our showing, but this endurance stuff had him worried that I was going to go all Hildalgo and race her across the Sahara.

Dad: Joc, if Star gets tired , you need to stop and call it quits.
Me: Dad, I am not going to push her and make her do more than she can.
Dad: She isn't trained to go that far, you shouldn't even do the 10, its too far for her, she could get hurt.
Me: thanks for your concern, but I promise I will take good care of her.
Dad: Don't push my girl if she is getting sweaty and tired. Do you have First Aid for her?
Me: WTF Dad are you her Agent?
Dad: oh and have a good time : translation Guilt is a powerful means of communication in this family.

Are you getting the theme of this convo?

So imagine how the conversation went when he called and I told him we had completed the 30 miler.


Stephanie said...

Huh that's kinda funny - something my mom would do! LOL!

I was wonder about some of that stuff. Good Q&A!

BTW - I think it's awesome you are trying out endurance I have literally ALWAYS wanted to try it. We as horse folks get kinda stuck in our "thing" and tend not to branch out and I hope that someday I can try that and Extreme Trail, and Roping, and ummmm let's see what else haven't I tried that I want to try.... OH YEAH team penning! LOL!

baystatebrumby said...

I like your dad!

Desert Rose said...

I LOVE it that dad is so crazy for Star! And since she is not gaited, that is a big haul for her but she came through it with flying colors...and YOU WERE GREAT!!!

The Wife said...

So sweet of your dad to be worried about you, um, your horse. :) Congrats on your journey.

Jocelyn said...

Steph: Team Penning or any sort of SPEED event, I am no longer a fan of.
I am such a NINNY!
I like to trot fast, but not RUN fast. *shudder***

BSB: Yeah Dad's cool, but MAN a total GUILT tripper!

DR: Can't wait to ride with ya! We are going to be at Mcgyver with the Oregon EQ trail people May 8th 10 am!

Kit: Yeah, he didn't ask one time how I was doing.. huh...

AareneX said...

Sounds to me like your dad is a closet endurance rider (we always forget to ask about the welfare of the rider !!!!)

Glad to hear that you're enjoying your "DNA Train Wreck" without trying to breed another one. I'm in the same boat. I love my horse, but if I want another standie I can just go back to where I got Fee, they're giving 'em away two-for-a-dollar these days.

Jocelyn said...

Aarenx: I am sure if my Dad wasnt partially paralyzed and in a chair, he would love to ride with me :)

Reddunappy said...

LOL gotta love dads!

Tammy said...

Gosh, your history with Star pretty much matches my history with my mare, Windy. Only diff is she was born at our place, sold as yearling & I bought her back as 3 yr old. My equine soulmate.

We did CTR last year - two of them. Wanted to do Limited Distance endurance this year, but none close enough to us yet.

I've been reading from the most current back... just had to stop & comment when I saw what you said about Star.