Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh No U di' int !

So today I am the grocery store buying my self some lunch, minding my own business.
As I am filling my soup cup, someone yelled in my ear

Like loud " IN YOUR FACE" kind of way.

It was then I remembered that I was wearing my U of O sweatshirt today.

Well as my entire circle of friends and family knows, JP DON'T PLAY THAT. Someone was about to get an earful.

I whipped around almost spilling my soup and was expecting to have a throw down right in the middle of the deli section.

Lucky for me I took a nano second to look over the perp and see what I was up against.

It was an older man with Down's syndrome. Clearly he liked the Huskies as well, he was purple, gold and black from head to toe.

Well now I just cant beat the crap out of...... errrr....... give a good tongue lashing to a disabled guy now can I?

really what would that say about me? That I kick kittens? Oh wait I do that too.

So, a situation that have clearly gone very very bad, was avoided by my highly tuned Spidey Senses.

No soup or sammich was harmed today.... Carry on nothing to see here.


Kristina P. said...

Glad you didn't succomb to the pressure. :)

jennybean79 said...

LOL! I can just imagine that scene. Did you enjoy your soup? :)

The Wife said...

Thank goodness for those spidey senses! LOL