Sunday, June 21, 2009

What a weekend.... Rescue, Tears and Trailers

Friday at work I got a call from my Aunt and Cousin that my cousin that lives three hours north in Washington, wanted to leave her husband and her car was packed but he refused to give her any money. The town is very small and she has no family close by except me.
So Friday night Shawn and I left at 7 pm and got there picked her up and I drove her car back. We got home and 2:30 am. Lucky for us the husband wasn't home right then, so it was drama free.

Saturday the barn where Star lives, the owners finally got married after being together for 14 years. This is ROSE, she brought Della down from the house to the barn where the ceremony was.

They got married in the arena. They had taken out all the old footing and put in new so it was fresh and no poo :) Della was so beautiful , I usually see her in jeans and muck boots ! Jon was the first to start crying so of course me being me... the water works started and it was hopeless to make it stop.

Aren't they stunning?

Sunday was moving day. Star and I moved barns to
What another lonnnnnnnng day! We had to make three trips, horse, tack, grain..
How nice of Shawn to do this for me on Fathers Day. These are the buffalo that they use to train new horses to cut cattle.
I guess they have become hip to the game and aggressive, and will be now put in the freezer.
I'm going to start telling the cat that. He might shape up.

This is the view from between the barn and arena.
I am looking forward to many miles in the saddle out on the trails.
There is also a creek and pond to get over those things that might eat a horse that live in puddles and creeks. Puddles are Stars nemesis, she thinks trolls live in them.

Well, its been non stop for the Payne's. I'm hoping that tomorrow night will be a nicer evening that I can take better pictures of our new digs!
Now it's time for movie and popcorn ! TWILIGHT ! YEAH !


Kristina P. said...

Your cousin is very lucky to have you.

And that wedding is so cool!

Stephanie said...

I agree - you are a very caring and loving cousin. I am glad you helped her out. It's never the easy thing to do but it is the right thing to do. I have been in that spot before too. This too shall pass and she will be ok again soon.