Thursday, June 18, 2009

She cleans up well..

Lucky for me I have a friend who owns a blanket cleaning business, so when I need to borrow a show sheet for 48 hours I know who to call!
She left it out for me and when I went back to the barn to get it, Paisley nickered and walked over to say howdy.
She actually left her yummies to say hello.
Paisley is beyond spoiled, she has 5 star amenities and a Mamma that tends to her every daily need. Box Fan included. Tough life I tell ya.

When I went to give her a kiss I went..... Uh GA-ROSS... Maybe next time Pais.....

So off to see Star I went after that. The barn owners are getting married at the barn tomorrow and Star HAD to be show clean before hand. It would normally not be a big deal but the wedding guests are all Shawn's friends and co workers. Need I say more?
First out are the clippers. No Grandma hairs allowed, mohawk ar fuzzy ears here...

I brought Shawn rubber boots, I finally learned after getting soaking pants and feet a hundred times.
Sexy huh??? Oh yeah they are...

This is just a small glimpse of the nastiness. Imagine this covering 100% of her white and on top of her butt was the caked on worst of it. Let's not talk about her tail.

POOF 2 hours later and look all shiny!!! Thank god for Blue shampoo. Barn owner had this magic hose thingy that you attached and it was like a power washer scrubber. It was like 4 bucks and the best thing ever for a white horse. I'm so getting one.
She also gets to wear a fancy show sheet for two days and locked in her stall. I'm going to take her out first thing Saturday to graze but that sheet isn't coming off until wedding time. period.

So we're not going to a show???? Then why did I have to have a bath???? I like smelling poo and horse sweat. She always wants to roll when she goes in her stall to dry, so I have to give her a tub of grain to keep her occupied while I put the blanket on. She was halfway down to roll and I smacked her butt and shook the grain. LOL mean ol Mamma.

To top it off she isn't SHOW ready, she is normal clean and that still took 2 hours with the barn owners help! I didn't get home until almost 10!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Bathing one horse is like bathing 3-4 muddy kids with long hair. lol!

She sure looks cute!


wv: blesspi :)

jennybean79 said...

Ha ha - all that white, that must be tough keeping clean at a show. I only have four white feet and it kills me! Pretty horse!!

Jocelyn said...

Lisa: You have no idea what it takes to keep her clean, There are other paints in the barn that are white all year long with no major baths.
She doesn't last a week.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! I hear ya. Baby Doll has a lot of chrome, too and she does love a good roll in the mud, but I suppose our mud is more sandy and it flakes off and in just a day, she doesn't look too shabby.

Oh....but her back legs. Yellow and yukky stains. You'd think she didn't know how to spread her legs far enough and get her aim straighter. gah!