Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Im stealing this idea...

OK, If I could remember where I saw this I would give her credit.
If I happen to remember I will certainly do so. IF someone else remembers please remind me.

She has a fun game on her blog that was simply. Go to, plug in your Dreamhorse in the search down to the color, sex, breed, height, etc... and See what pops up.

THEN SEND IT TO ME.! I will then post them.

How super fun, and what a super fun idea !

I will go first.......

See Below ;)

WHAT??? There isn't a 15h+, Black Arabian Gelding that is over 5 under 10, and does endurance?


But there was this beauty....

Im a Gold Cat (Traveller)
Dream Horse ID: 1394559 ..
$5000 bucks and he could be all MINE!

Hubba Hubba I think I may actually be in love at first sight.
HEllllllo Loverrrrrrrrrrrr. Mamma likey.... Shawn who? Star who?

OK now send me your Dreamhorse!!


Heather said...

Okay here is mine...and she's only 2g's...dang!

Heather said...
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Heather said...

This is the one!!!!!

Mrs Mom said...

LOL That was Chelsi over at Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind!!

I'll have to check Dreamhorse and see what I can come up with for ya ;) I missed the boat on Chelsi's blog, maybe I can catch up here...

Jocelyn said...

MRs Mom .. Great thanks, I will hop over there and tell her I stole her idea :)

Anonymous said...

Here's mine. Bay TB. Shocker! LOL! Weird picture, but seriously Becky, look at that butt! What TB has a butt like that?

And here is the horse I found for my daughter. He's so cute!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I just went back and took the horses I chose off of Chelsi's blog.
Not much time to horse shop when you've got a prego mare, due any day, to watch. lol!

Here ya go. (That Gold Cat is so FINE!)

Here are my pics:
Icelandic mare
Icelandic mare
Jenna the Icelandic

I didn' just select Icelandics. I also selected Fjords and Halflingers, but there wasn't much to choose from there.


ps, So when will my Dream Horse arrive?

word verification: repodst

I repodst my podst from Chelsi's blog. lol!

Jocelyn said...
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Strawberry Lane said...

Help! I'm stuck on
Looking for anything black ... I'm still there.

Rue said...

Here's mine...

LOVE him.