Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some quality time with MR Patience Wall

I went out to be the pit crew for BBFF tonight. So when I saddled up Star and brought her in the arena to lunge she was well............... A BI***. Bucking, running, bolting. We call it Freshy Fresh.
She doesn't get turned out on weekends unless I do it.
So that got her in big trouble. First it was the Round Pen of running, turning, backing until you are puffing like a smoker.
THEN.. hello MR Wall.

Star look at Mamma so I can take your picture. I think she was saying something naughty under her breath here.
Star.. if you can't be nice you get to stand there a little while longer on your time out.

Well she stood while I helped BBFF get on her horse. BBFF actually realized that this is the first time we got to ride our ponies at the same time EVER. We've waited a year to be BBFF's that RIDE.. yipeee. !

This is what the girls thought of our excitement.
Grace: uhhhh you fake lame, they'll totally believe you and I'll pretend to be skeeered of those dumb smelly buffalo. We can call it Operation Pasture Pet.
Star: Oh no, we try that and my Mamma will call it Operation Alpo.

As you can see I'm riding in a rope halter. This is because I'm waiting to get an appointment with the Vet. Star has some sharp points and needs her teefies floated. So We'll just ride in a rope halter until the on site Vet can fix her up.
I think she liked it, no head shaking, no clamping down and barging through. Just a nice quiet ride around providing moral support for BBFF and Grace. We are new at the rope halter deal, but she has great brakes, so it should be fine.
Oh plus it's purple with rhinestones, very fitting ;)


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm now afraid to tie my wacky mare. She'd probably sit back and tear the wall off of Mr Patience. gah!
She sure needs some time at a Mr Patience something, though. Maybe it's time to dig a deep hole, fill it with concrete and set in a railroad tie...with a large eyehook for a lead rope? Cowboy style. hah! Would probably be a good lesson for her, you think?

Purple with rhinestone halter? That's sure fancy. Wow!
Sounds like Star might be a good candidate for a Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridle. Wanna buy mine? :)


ps you asked about my shoes on the camel. They told me to take them off. I was wearing flip flops and they probably would have fallen off anyway.
Thanks for the great comment and kudos, too. My knee is doing better. Still pretty weak. My hubby lost his job, so I'm not able to go to the Physical Therapy as often now. bah!
So, it'll probably be a little slower with healing now and getting my strength and coordination, but I'll get there one day.

Jocelyn said...

LIsa: I am so sorry your hubby lost his job. Any prospects for a new one?

How much do you want for your bitless bridle?

Rue said...

Hi Jocelyn :)

Even if she was being bad, at least she's cute, right? ;)

Thank you for your sweet words about Shiloh.


Paige said...

I am a big fan of the patience wall--only had one ever that did not take to it---she pulled every chain the trainer had out of the wall. We sent her to Poland.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ooops. Almost missed your reply. Thanks for the kindness about my hubby's job loss. No real prospects yet. He's hunting, and he's also considering unemployment benefits. Jobs are pretty scare all over, but even more so here in New Mexico. I don't even think Mc'D's is hiring. hehe.

I paid $125. for my Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridle last year. It's only been used maybe 15 times, so it's in good shape.
I ordered the black leather Western style Bridle with the silver conchos (bling, bling!).

I'd sell it to you for only $50.00 if you're interested. :)

You can see a photo of what it looks like at the website:

And you can some pics of Baby Doll wearing it here:

And this post has some great photos of Baby Doll with her Bitless Bridle on: