Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A rare quiet and sunny date with Sweetie

On Memorial Day, Shawn and I grabbed the opportunity to be alone and be outdoors.
We thought going to the park where the mighty Willamette and Columbia Rivers meet.
We are the shore of the Willamette ( Wil-Am-ET) , take a hard right and you are headed to the Pacific.

This weird/odd looking vessel came chugging by. It obviously pushes something, but it is so small for a tug? Barge Caboose?

Now we're talkin. This is my kind of vessel. I really want one of those Huge Party Barge Pontoon Boats! I know red neck, but what a kick that would be! BBQ, Beer, Friends, swimming...
Oh YEAH! This on here is more Mr and Mrs Howell :) I'm more Mary Ann.

My Step Monster aka Grand Theft Auto is named Catlin. After a soap opera character! That was Shawn's doing not his moms... FYI. Guiding Light I think. So we saw this right by the restaurant where we ate and snapped a picture ;0

We went to St Johns Pub, its part of the McMenamins Chain. If you live in the PDX area you are well versed in McMenamins. The Big one called Edgefield is where we had our wedding reception. We go to them OFTEN. They are great date places. Dinner and a first run movie 30 bucks.
This is Sweetie :) My date d'Jour.
Yep this is me.. I look tired/ I had just got back from OKRA-homa the afternoon before.
I was beyond tired.
We had only walked about a mile or so around the park with no breakfast. Needless to say, that Cheeseburger didn't come soon enough!

See my necklace? My Mom bought it, it's a locket with sparkly charms with S and J and a little red heart. So cute. I wear it all the time on date night/day :)
If you are ever in my neck of the woods just Holler and we'll meet you for a beer and burger at a McMenamins any day of the week!


Stephanie said...

Cute necklace! I like it!

About the boat - was it perhaps one of those smaller tugs that they use to pull up logs from the bottom and move them back to shore?

Just a thought - looked like one I had seen on the Discovery Channel...

Jocelyn said...

Stephanie: Oh you could be right!
It sure was a funky looking thing!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You get that party boat and I'll make sure to plan a trip up your way...and we can meet first at your burger/beer joint first. :)

Your hubby is so cute...and so are you...tired and all. You actually look calm and relaxed there. No stress. :)