Monday, November 16, 2009

Where's the Beef?

Right here in the arena staring at us.
They found Star extremely interesting. Probably because she looks like a Holstein.
Star is very skeered of the bovine community. So am I as a matter of fact.
However we needed to get over our fear so when I came out to the barn it was cow working night, so I took advantage of the training opportunity AKA DEATH WISH. So our first job was to trot circles around the herd to calm them.
We fought with her HELL No and Spin for about 15 minutes EACH direction. Going left was acceptable, but going to the right was the the way that cows bring out fangs and talk like Satan.

She paid attention at first as our 2nd job was to stand in the corner so the herd doesnt get bunched up. As the other actual cutting bred mares were like Labradors chasing a ball, Star was more like a fat lap dog after about 30 minutes. While my arena partners mares had a constant bead on the black prey, Star had her back foot perched and her head down and snoring.
B>O>R>I>N>G.... We had to wake her up to get her to help move this big steer coming her way. Drama Queen had run out of drama.
It was a fantastic opportunity that was imperative in her training as a good partner for trail riding. But boy howdy was I tired, I literally passed out last night when I got home. Her antics don't scare me, they piss me off, so if we had to be out there until midnight we were going to work those cows. Dylan gave me a mini lesson on working cows and we did it by ourselves in the arena for another 10 minutes after everyone had left.
I KID YOU NOT, Sis actually got into the middle of the herd and was moving them, she actually got thumped in the chin by one and didn't hesitate just kept moving her body towards the herd! I was in shock and awe of her brain. Once she gets something it STICKS forever.

It was an amazing night, after she got over her jackassery, she actually got the gist of what I was asking and did it..... willingly... I almost started to cry it was that cool.

So here is video proof we actually trotted around the Devil Equine gnashing herd of sweet mellow super cute moo cows. ENJOY!


Paige said...

Im glad she finally figured out that they wont eat her.

Heather said...

I always miss the good stuff! You Rock sister! You and Star make a great team. I love how versatile and well rounded the two of you weekend flashy show pony next weekend Cow sweet is that?

mrscravitz said...

Way to go! Yippee! It is so awesome when things fall into place and they work! Especially when it comes to the partnership with a horse.

Jocelyn said...

Paige: Now if only we had a herd of goats we could borrow :)

BBFF: Thanks Sister. I try very hard to make her an all around horse not just WTC circles all day.. boring....

MrsC: It is awesome, it has been a long time coming. She had some growing up to do and I had to find some **** to trust her to get the job done.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How'd she take to the mooing? If the cow itself doesn't get to a freaked out horse, the moo will. lol!

Baby Doll's not afraid of cows, but she's terrified of snow covered wagon wheels. lol!

Why don't you come down here and work my mare like you do your Star Princess? My mare needs someone like you to get her in line...


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