Monday, November 30, 2009

Love me a Spotted Mule

On Monday we had to take Logen back to OYCP in Bend. The trip would not be complete without a trip to Spotted Mule.
Shawn and I just love this place. Shawn's Dad used to shoe the owners horses when the Store was in Eugene by Valley River. I remeber going there as a kid and drooling over the saddles.
This is a picture of the entrance , where all the Jewelry , purses, Art, books are.

Ahhhh the tack area, My personal favorite. I can always find something star needs in here.
Like the new roping reins Shawn bought me :) I was going to buy some cheap hot Pink nylon ones for 20, and Shawn says " Hey these nice leather ones are only 35" Who am I to argue?

This is a handmade saddle of the owners that is on display. Just look at that amazing craftsmanship.

Mamma likey...

these too...

ohh and these.....

Shawn thinks he needs to channel John Wayne in this jacket.
I'd buy it for him, but wouldn't go in public with him in it. Kidding Honey of course I would.
Everyone is wearing them these days..

I am so going to make myself one of these. SOON

I can make this in a weekend for sure.

Now we come to the handbags. sigh... They all want to come home with me but alas, only one will this year.

What cowgirl doesn't love a little eye candy???


Reddunappy said...

ooooo I have been to the Spotted Mule one time! Cool store enjoyed it! I have a girl friend in Bend, I have to go back!

jennybean79 said...

Wow, what a cool place. I could spend all day in a place like that - my sig. other, on the other hand, would not :(

Kathi said...

I don't even own a horse and I'm drooling!! LOL. I knew a girl name Diane, who worked there at the Valley River store. Where are they now located? Do you know Diane? Kathi

jennifer said...

I bet that place smells good with all of the leather goods.

Have a great week!