Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gratuitous BG post

A shot of the cupcakes I made for the Heart Transplant benefit show last weekend. Star was a nervous ninny and we didn't do so well. I should have really worked the bug-a loos out before hand. She surprised me with her goofiness, she is usually pretty relaxed at shows except for Drill Practice.

This is a picture of the BG and her pony slipper I bought for her a couple weeks ago. They have pink mane and tail AND when she walks the eyes light up! She sleeps with them and from what I understand it's quite the drama when she has to take them off to go somewhere.

So here are a couple of BG movies. I posted these for her so she can watch herself :)

So when I arrived at the house yesterday she didn't have her pony slippers on. The story was that she had taken them off and didn't want to put them back on . Her Mom says "BG if you don't wear them when Jocelyn gets here, she won't buy you things anymore."

and with TWO SNAPS UP she says :

" Mommy, Jocelyn WILL ALWAYS buy me things"

Whoa... Now not that it isn't the truth because I have and I will continue to buy her things, often.
In fact just last night Shawn and I were discussing her Christmas presents. No lie...

She is just hilarious ...

This is the same Hula Hoop Shawn and I bought for her back in June for her.
Amazing how much fun $ 7.99 can buy a little girl.

Is she not the cutest bug ever????


Kristina P. said...

She is adorable!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Heather said...

Your Cupcakes were scrumdillicious, that's Scrumptious and Delicious...I made that word up myself. Wish I would have taken a couple home.

Boy BG is a cutie pie!!!

wilsonc said...

You are the goddess of cupcakes ;)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Cuter than a bug in a rug, for sure!

Those cupcakes were great!
Looks like you havemuch to be thankful for, my friend.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your day with your two and four legged loved ones.


jennifer said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE the little twirl inside the hoola hoop! She really is the cutest!

I hope that y'all had a Happy Thanksgiving.