Thursday, November 12, 2009

What I do in my spare time.

JP back in..

Let's see Shawn and I went to Columbia Equine Hospital ( Star's Vet) to meet some friends and hear a lecture on Feeding your Horse, digestive Anatomy and all things Colic and Ulcer from the Founder of PHN.
It was so educational, I learned so much. With our equine children you can never know too much right? I drug Shawn along but it was for a very good reason. I need to know he has my back when it comes to keeping her healthy. He was raised the ol' Cowboy way, 2 flakes of hay , coffee can of grain, have a nice day.

So here is Terra and Pauline. Former Livingstoner's.

Here is my friend Toni and her stepdaughter. First thing Toni blurted was these had better not be posted on FB. sheesh, this is blog fodder fur rillz sister...
Any who, they even brought in two equines that were at the opposite ends of the spectrum on the BC Scale. One was an 8 (Fat super cute Fjord) whom was missing his throat latch !
and the other was a you guessed it .. Thoroughbred with a BC of about a 3.

Ok, so when I am not doing horseie things or baking cupcakes. I make jewelry. Right now I have two big projects that I am under the gun with. My Mom's Christmas present, and the Book Markers I am giving to my Book club ladies this year. See my new LED lamp? that was a peace offering from Shawn due to his son's Taco Soup incident.
I have a TV to the left, no cable but Shawn got me one of those converter deals so I can at least watch something in there.

Aren't they cute? I am trying to do each marker with a touch of each ladies personality.
This is going to be such a fun project because it is something that will actually be used and enjoyed.
I am not so great with the wire work, so this is a good excuse to practice.

So there you have it ! This is how I spend my time. Any other spare moment I spend with Shawn. tonight is movie night.
I can smell the popcorn already !
Have a great weekend everyone!


The Wife said...

Those are cute bookmarks. I bet they love them!

jennifer said...

That is really pretty! I didn't know you were a jewelry maker. I tried once but I don't have skillz.