Sunday, November 8, 2009

Unless you want the claws, Don't poke the Mamma Tiger

So the BBFF is ranting on her blog about our Barn owner and her blatant disregard for her feelings and her also blatant breed prejudice against Gracie being a National Show Horse and not the breed exclusive club of AHQA cutting horses she raises and trains.

The BO has never done that to me, but I am WAY MORE apt to say something than she is. She is the Nice Pony Momma and I am the Mean Pony Momma.
So pull up your big girl pants, cuz Mean Momma is in DA HOUSE.

With that said, I have to get a few things off my chest as well.

IF YOU HAVE NOTHING nice to say about me or my horse, KEEP YOUR ****ing mouth shut.
If have ridden her once or ridden her a thousand times, she's gonna keep you on your toes. She speaks loudly if you don't give her the respect you ask her to give in return. Plain and SIMPLE FOLKS. IF she acted naughty a year ago get over it, I have, so has she. Horses don't hold grudges and neither do I . It's not about the last ride it's about the ride right now.

Keep your training, rider criticism to your damn self unless I am paying you to do so.
If you are my friend I expect you to sugar coat it to my face and tell others I suck, I just don't want to hear about it. I'll return the favor I promise.
If I am paying for your time, critique away, I don't expect you to be my BBFF, I expect you to tell me I suck and how to fix it.
ONCE AGAIN, PLAIN AND SIMPLE. This is not rocket science.
99.99% of the time I know something is going wrong and I need help that's why I called the trainer to come help me in the first place. DUH.

My horse does not and will not live in a bubble or specific discipline. Trail ride one day, drill another and WTC Show Diva the next. That is how we like to keep things interesting and frankly it's good for her brain and physique to do a variety of things.

Star is my child, you don't EVER outwardly criticise another woman's child or pony, it's the secret unspoken code of Mom's and Horse Women. This is a non -negotiable code.

IF you want to be friends with me I will promise this much:
I will love your horse as much as mine.
I will get up at crack o dawn to help you at a show even if I am not showing,
I will be your biggest fan in the stands and hug away the last place and celebrate the victories.
I braid manes and tails and give a rock awesome got get'm pep talk.
I will drop everything to help anyone who asks.

I only ask one thing.
Be kind in what you say as words can crush pride as much as uplift it.
Jesus would go get me a Diet Coke and give me a high five and say

yeah that's what Jesus would do ......


Mrs Mom said...

Note to self- don't piss off JP...

Tell it like it is girl. (Can I add you to the Golden Hermit List?) ;)

Now go kiss your horse, squeeze your hubby, and enjoy that fizzy beverage!!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Well said

Kristina P. said...


Jocelyn said...

Mrs. Mom . Add me to whatever list you like as long as it's not the **** list.

Thanks Jack :)

Kristina: DOUBLE Amen ! That's right !!!

Mrs Mom said...

Aww shoot JP, can't add you to THAT list! ;) How bouts if we add you to the Pals I'd Kick Some Ass For list?


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

If Mamma ain't happy, then nobody's happy!


The Wife said...

You go girl!

Paige said...

Right on sister

Heather said...



jennifer said...

I can promise NEVER to do any of those things, especially now that I know how well you rant :)

Girl, my word verification is mistas. I will be saying that all day long yo. Ha!