Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Princess speaks:

( Star is in today, JP1 is too busy to type)

Well a Fair Whinny and Hello everyone,

I just read her last post! Holy Hooves OF Mother Mary! When My Momma gets mad , boy does she get mad!
Thankfully I am rarely on the losing end of that. Whew... So Teacher Deb gave us some pointers for the next time Momma blows a gasket.

I'm the blogger today cuz Momma is busy helping her Friend T ( Momma of the BG my direct competition) put together a fund raiser Trail Show for a man who is in need of a heart transplant. All I know is that they talk on their ear boxes all day and she isn't telling me much, which is weird because she usually tells me everything.

So I was a huge success at the show, I would have totally won all blue ribbons, if it was a ribbon show. Jus' sayin.

I have totally got this " going to a show" deal figured out.

1. I get all my ear hairs trimmed, I make a huge deal out of this, Momma gets so mad. She says bad things and gives me the Momma death stare until I lower my head. She mutters something about " I don't have time for your drama!!!". How rude...

2. I get the deep scrub my hairs off version of a bath. She says horrible things like her NEXT horse will be brown. Well if she left my coat alone I will eventually BE BROWN! DUH !

3. She washes my tail like 40 times and is cussing like a sailor the whole time.

4. She scrubs my hooves.. HARD...

5. covers me from ear to tail and I have to stay in my room.

However, I was the prettiest pony there and everyone said so, even the Non-Judge-Judge guy and the Show Mom's were ohhh and ahhhhh ing at me. I pranced bigger just for them ya know.
My public wants what they want.

My Momma is a nutcase about when I go out to see my public fans I must be clean and presentable. Daddy agrees and whispers in my ear when Momma isn't watching " You had better behave and act like a lady"
When have I ever not acted like a lady ? Well there was this one time.. Totally not my fault man..

Thanks everyone for being so nice to my Momma , I loves her heaps.
Otherwise I'd have to hoof ya.



Cactus Jack Splash said...

Thanks for clearing things up for us. You are indeed beautiful and smart.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good for you Star! I would have loved to see you all shiny, pretty and showing off for everyone. I'm sure your Mama is proud of you, just try to be a little more accomodating during your pre-show preparations, and I bet Mama will give you some carrots and a cookie :)

Smooches for you!
~Lisa & Baby Doll

gtyyup said...

I'm sure you were THE most prettiest horse at the show! You gots one of the best moms there is...glad you're takin' such good care of her.

Here...have some apples; you deserve them~~