Sunday, May 3, 2009

Part 2 I smell.......... S.h.o.w.!

Star was right, she did smell S.H.O.W.!

Some of our former barn mates were going to the local 4-H County Fund raiser show and we didn't want to be left behind! So late on Friday we made a decision to go for it!
So this is at 7 am, getting the deep scrub. I was sweating from head to toe!
So only the night before I asked my friend if she wanted to take her and show her for me. Star needs the exposure and experience to get over her 10 foot personal space issues.
So at 5:30 am Saturday morning we were clipping, cleaning, polishing and scrubbing.
Here is the shot of the Hot Pink Camo Hay bag. When this comes out you know we are going somewhere!
This is T and Star waiting their turn to warm up. This show was 10 times bigger than what we expected. I felt bad, she was going to show casual, but when we got there we realized that this was a full dress show , so she ran home and got her sparkly duds! Aren't they a gorgeous pair?
Anyone who owns a 50/50 paint, getting them 100% clean is almost impossible. So I was glad she was this clean!

This is Abby and her leased horse Dizzy. They got a First place out of 17! Abby has some challenges and the fact she accomplishes as much as she does is amazing. Horses have an amazing ability to bring out the best in little girls.

This is Trainer Deb on one of her Clients Horses. I was motioning to her from the stands to smile. She also offered me candy to NOT post this picture. I never go the candy, so here it is!
She was one of the only FEW Arabs that even placed. The judge was a QH , 4 beat, peanut rolling judge and well that's another story.
This is my friend Denise and her brand new Grand Baby Rory.
We have spent alot of time at horse shows together over the years.

Coming down the rail, all smiles and looking purty! T and her horse do Drill so she doesn't get to show, and since most of our pals were showing we thought it would be fun. We didn't get into the ring until after 6 pm because every class had over 25 plus horses in it. IT was crazy. This was the biggest show Star has ever been entered in. NOTE: Star has only been to one other show under saddle and that was in 2005. Goes to show what a great mind and work ethic she has.

Star and T got 7th out of 25 in the Novice Horse class. The other two classes, every time they went by the judge was looking DOWN at her notes , then their window of opportunity was gone in a flash. The class she placed in the judge actually got a real long look at her. How could you miss this pair??? Can you say flashy and gorgeous???? Exactly.

IT was a fun day, seeing all my friends and having my pretty mare get out there for the world to see. She gets a ton of compliments where ever we go and it's nice to see your hard work in action. She is usually so well behaved at shows she is easy to take places and that makes it enjoyable.. So we will do a couple more open fun shows this year and see how it goes !


Kristina P. said...

She's a beautiful horse! You obviously take very good care of her.

Meg Young said...

I know someone in Texas who just loves that horse...I'm just sayin...

Jocelyn said...

Come get her them MEG!

Mrs Mom said...

OoooooEEEE look at that purty mare JP!

That purple looks great on her. Way to go placing in such a huge class!!

Very VERY proud of you guys!!!

The Wife said...

She looked awesome. My little paint girl is SO hard to clean. Right now she is covered in dried mud. Such a little piggy!

Paige said...

Glad you had a fun day!

gtyyup said...

Great day Jocelyn...they looked great together. Glad to hear how she placed in the novice class...good job! Something to be darn proud of!

Jocelyn said...

MRs. Mom: I love the purple too! Snazzy ! HUGE class is an understatement it was a nightmare!

The Wife: Star is a pigy 24/7 thats why I complain about keeping her clean!

paige: FUN? It was in parts, but mostly stressful and wait wait wait!

Gttyup: I am so proud of her, she is such a good girl, hardly ever gives me any drama away from home, AT HOME? Different story.

Heidi said...

She gets more gorgeous with every picture!!!!! CONGRATS!!!

PetalsYoga said...

Star is just gorgeous. I love checking in here to learn more about horses, shows, and "QH , 4 beat, peanut rolling judge(s)"...???

One of these days I'm coming out to visit you and your pretty mare.

Why aren't you riding her? I'll have to go back through your blog to see what is up. Hope it wasn't yoga!


Jocelyn said...

Jan, I twisted my ankle playing softball! I was running in my cleats and hit the base wrong!

QH, peanut rolling 4 beat aka

Its a very unnatural Quarter Horse Western horse show performace gait.
It has been " in fashion" for years in the Quarter horse/Paint Horse world.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whohoooooo! 7th of 25! That's awesome! I bet you were secretly wishing it was you up there on your fancy bling bling princess, eh?
How're you feeling, by the way?

I love that photo of Star tied and he leg up in the air, as if she's showing off her sexy gams. lol!

Man,these 50/50 paint horses of ours sure do clean up good. When they say chrome, this is just what they're talking about.

I like that your friend is wearing purple and that Star's saddle pad is also purple. All of my tack for my mare is purple and black. I think it looks so snazzy with black and white. Good choice!

So, anymore shows lined up for this summer yet?


Stephanie said...

A show! Oh how fun!

Now where was this that a show got bigger enough to have 17 horses in it?? I should've been there!

The pair looked GREAT - I love the purple with the B&W - great call.

That was a super cute picture of the trainer too!

Sigh...I am such an addict.

Stephanie said...

I meant of course 17 horse in a class - not the whole show...sorry