Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some midnight Wal Mart shopping

When I landed in Vegas it was after 11, so we headed straight to bar for quick bite and some or five beers. She needed to do some shopping and I needed some essentials ( sunless tanning spray, diet pepsi, highlighter kit etc.) We ended up at Wal-Mart, it was around 12:30 am. This should have been a sign of how late my evenings were going to be.
So we decided to model some amazing outfits.
First off was this little number in the " working girl" section. It is actually separates so you can wear it alone or with something else just as hideous.
The pattern alone made it a must have with a pair of spectators !

This is a beach cover up made out of towel/terry cloth. With Horizontal STRIPES ! It's what all the WTBFF's are wearing this year. I am getting JP2 one before our trip in July to that schamncy resort. She'll have the boys lining up.

Ok, so what the eff is this? There was an entire 4 way devoted to this bird t-shirt. Carol said that Vegas has a major pigeon problem. This is the t-shirt to prove it I guess. Nothing says look at my sexy chest than a scavenger disgusting pigeon on your boobage. It looks like it's flying right into a window !

Now here is a hot little number. This next trunk show item was in the Dressy Casual section. It's not either of those things, but it was either this or a Royal Blue empire waist bubble skirt number.
Now the colors could actually be confused with a tragic Smurf accident. I think our Model Carol could pull it off with some flip flops and a ciggy.

Now for the finale. This is actually a swimsuit !. It could pass as a BBQ tablecloth ! Nothing screams "baby got back" this this little sexy purple faux-batik spandex.
It also came in Lime Green, and Orange. Don't rush to get one, from what I saw there were plenty to choose from.
Thanks for coming along to our Wal Mart shopping trip !
You never knkow what the two of us are going to come up with next !!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

*SNORT*!!! Bwahahaha! I am cracking up loud over here....and it's 2am. I need to be quiet. *Snurkle* *Chuckle*.....

Oh wow, what the heck are those things and who is Walmart paying to purchase their clothing line? They need to be fired YESTERDAY! Gah! Hideous. I think I may have even thrown up in my mouth, just a little bit. But still! Ewww...

I wish I could have been there with you ladies. We would have had stop off at the underwear section to pick up a package of panties to replace our wet ones after all our uncontrollable laughing. :D


word verification: denied

You are denied the option of buying any hideous clothing from Walmart.

The Wife said...

Wal-Mart couture is the bomb!

Sharon said...

Girl...I give you four snaps! What a lovely fashion show! That's hilarious! I can't believe some of those outfits! Why, why, why do they make such hideous swim suits for older women? They act like once your body goes south so does your sense of style and humility!

Have a great week!
:0) Sharon
P.s. I've been talking with Michelle lately and things are going way better with her and Steven! God is good!

Stephanie said...

Sounds and looks like you guys were having lots of fun!

Hmmm Walmart after 5 beers around midnight - ya know I think I have done that myself...although my memory of the incident is not real clear....he he...

Flying Lily said...

I love the pigeon shirt and your comment. Actually I do like that bathing suit; does that mean I have no taste??

Strawberry Lane said...

A Midnight Walmart fashion show! What great fun! Who would have thought?

By the way, who designs those things? I'm going to be on the look out for the people who actually buy and wear them.

Jocelyn said...

LOR: We were laughing so hard we almost did have to bu ynew underwear!

The Wife: Note to self: For Christmas Send TW that Terry Cloth cover up she has been wanting.

Sharon: 4 snaps is right! Gotta love that big purple beehind!

Steph: Drunk at Wal Mart is way more fun than Sober Wal Mart.

Lilly: um no it says nothing about taste... You wear it like you stole it!

SL: It's going to be like a bad car accident now huh!

jennifer said...

Swim suits in general give me the hehs. Ugly ones merely confirm that Satan himself designed them.

They should only make horizontal striped clothing in size 2. Those are the only chicks that can pull it off. Shoot, if I were I size two, I would were horizontal stripes with a cheeky look on my face that implied "Nah nah-nah nah nah"

jennifer said...

were/wear... you know what I mean :)