Friday, May 15, 2009

Drastic times call for......

Grace: Psst. Star... I heard through the barn aisle that you are going to be getting a new Momma.

Star: That's not true my Momma would never sells me, cuz I am her very best horse.

Grace: Well, that's not what my Momma sez. She sez you are good as S.O.L.D. What did you do?
You must have made your Momma really mad.

Star: Grace Shut IT before I hoof u. OMG, I think I may go off my feed and get a belly ache.

Grace: You might wanna call... You know who and get this straightened out ...

She called the only person she knew who could get her out of this.

Only Grandpa could get Momma straightened out. He would never allow this to happen.
I'm his favorite Grand-Horse after all.
Grandpa: Hello
Star: Whinny
Grandpa: Star is that you? What has your Momma done to you this time?
Grandpa: Don't you worry pumpkin... Grandpa's got your back.

Grace: Did you make the call.
Star: Yep, and he's on it. Boy, is SHE in T.r.o.u.b.l.e.
To be continued:

For your viewing pleasure , here is Miss thang showing off.


froglander said...

Tough decision to make. Good luck in it all working out for you :)

The Wife said...

Very cute! Star knows when to call in reinforcements!

Jocelyn said...

Frog: THanks, it' sbeen a tough a road these last few months.

The Wife: You have no idea the call I got from Grandpa when he found ouut I might sell her.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ummmm...looks like someone's brakes are broken. Might need an overhaul. Ya think?

What a bratty tattle-teller she is. lol!
Tell Grandpa that if he loves her so much...he can have her.

What is up with these paint mares anyway? Pbblttpluuooie!


Jocelyn said...

Lisa her brakes arent broken, she has awesome brakes! BUt I was giving mixed signals with the camera and the whip.

She stops on a dime undersaddle, but does sort of lolly gag while lunging.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh ok. I just kept hearing you saying whoa...and he not stopping, so just assumed. ooops!
Baby Doll rarely comes to a quick stop when lunging either. She'll always add in a step or two...or three...I think she believes its more of a suggestion to stop. lol!

But, like your Star, BD does stop quick on the trails or in the arena, thankfully. And she'll stay stopped until you tell her to move.


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