Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lucas' Graduation

This is my eldest child Lucas. He graduated from High school Friday Night.
He went to Adair High School in Adair , OKlahoma. there was only 72 in his class !
Isn't he handsome? Girls are not an issue here. He was born 6-12-1990. He is the love and joy of my life. He has never given me one day of problem and has always been a happy and helpful child.

These pics are out of order a tad, but this is Blue Bonnet. She followed me so close I couldn't get a good picture, she was right on my tail all afternoon. If I took three steps back to take a pic, so did she! Love that blue eye.

This was my snazzy red rental car. Zoom Zoom...

Kate the Mule. Also very loving, she thought Mom was her personal masseuse.Mom isn't a big fan of the equine so upo close and personal. Kate didn't care, she stood within 6 inches of Mom until she got Mom to pet her. Mom said " is it becasue of my red shirt?" I said No, It's because you smell like S.uc.k.e.r."

Graduation night, this is Grandpa Ron and Grandma Sylvia. Sylvia has Alzheimer's. It breaks my heart and devastating. Grandpa takes care of her every need and is so kind and repaying all the care she has given him after 50 years.

Me and Mom, we were WAY over dressed. I should have worn jeans and a John Deere t shirt.
Maybe a trucker hat and hot pink lip gloss to make the ensemble complete.
I thought we looked fabulous.

Bubba almost ready to leave for the ceremony.Isn't he a looker? I know I know, but he does look like ME :)

I am such a proud Mom. Lucas was the recipient of over 100K in scholarships. HE worked hard for 4 years, maintained a GPA and joined the ARMY. HE is amazing. It's unreal I'm old enough to have a kiddo in the Army.

The ex... AKA Cranky McCrankerson from Crankerville, Carnkerfornia.
Yeah he looks happy doesn't he? not................
Wow, he is divorced and alone? weird............................

Lucas and his great granny. Her name is Gleam and she is such a cute 90 year old !

It was a good time, too short and Lucas leaves Wednesday for the Army Boot Camp at Ft.Jackson South Carolina.

I swear it was just yesterday he was a baby!


Kristina P. said...

Your son is hot! Does that make me a creepy old cougar?

Jocelyn said...

No Kristina! I get that alot!

Heather said...

JP he looks so much like you it's insane...if you were a boy that is exactly what you would look like!!

Congrats proud momma!

jennifer said...

"The ex... AKA Cranky McCrankerson from Crankerville, Carnkerfornia."

What are you trying to say? L!O!L!

He is a good looking guy and sounds like an awfully smart young man too. I am proud that he has decided to serve in the military.

Paige said...


Jocelyn said...

All three of my boys will be in the Military. Lucas and Logen Army and Grand theft Auto will be in Marines.

Liz said...

Such a sweet post... congrats to all of you! And NO WAY do you look old enough to be his mom! :)

Sharon said...

Oh you must be so proud! Wow, he is not only graduating, but leaving for boot camp! You will be riding the emotional roller coaster for a while honey. I hope it will all go really smooth for you and wonderful for him. He is indeed very handsome and he looks so much like you girl!!!! I'm so happy for you and so proud of him!
It's neat to see the picture of your mother!

Hugs, Sharon

Rue said...

Congratulations on your baby's graduation!

Cranky McCrankerson from Crankerville, Carnkerfornia. LOLOLOL

Alex was at FT Jackson too! He's home now, but long story... he's headed back there in 6 months.

Don't worry, he'll be fine :)


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Cranky McCrankerson??! BWHAHAHAAA! What the heck was he staring at with his eyes half shut, girlfriend? lol!
Was he like totoally drooling over you and feeling nostalgic for the good old days...or was he just cranky? hehe!

You are too freakin' hot for him. Really! Are you sure you were married to him? How did y'all meet and what was he like before he....changed and got cranky or looked like....that?

You and your Mom were gorgeous! You even had on the same shade of fouffy pink lisptick. Pretty!
Gleam looked adorable!

And you look more like Lucas' girlfriend than his Mom. Wow. age gooood! hehe!
Really, though, I can totally see that Lucas takes after you in the looks department...and the smarts, too, I bet. No wonder you are so proud of him.
I bet you have missed him while he's been in OK.

Congrats to Lucas for graduating...and to his Mama for raising such a fabulous young man!