Friday, May 8, 2009

PSA Shingles..

IF you don't like gross, don't look down.
This is my nemesis. I am a high stress QUEEN. So I'm the Poster Child.
Nice Huh?

OK You can't get Shingles from someone who has Shingles. You can however get Chicken Pox from someone who has Shingles if you have never had the POX.
When you have Shingles it is your own personal POX rearing it's ugly little head.
Yes, Shingles is Herpes Zoster, NOT Herpes Simplex the No No bad STD kind.

I am praying the Valtrex will keep the little buggars from getting too crazy , keep them confined so to speak.....
What a total drag is that these will be fresh and ugly when I get to go on my SOLO vacation.

I've been banned from the barn until I am no longer contagious, so BBFF is taking care of Star for me.

I can't even go see my HORSE! !!!
Good Times.....


wilsonc said...

I thought there was a vaccination for chicken pox now? Am I wrong? If so, your barn friends who have never had chicken pox should go get themselves protected. I hope you feel better soon. I've had shingles once before in my life and it was painful.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh man! That stinks! I hope they don't get all full blown. How are you feeling. Do they get itchy, too? Do you get achy and sore along with the bumps?

My kids have had the pox vax because I had a childhood best friend die from complications of chix pox, and I knew people who suffered from shingles, so I wanted my kids to be safe from chix pox as much as I could protect them.

I still have scarring from my own serious bout with chix pox...and I'm aware that I could suffer from shingles one day, too.

I never quite understand the logic behind purposefully exposing kids to chix pox because of what I've experienced. Around here, parents who's kid get chix pox, post invitations for other kids to come over for a Pox Party.
And I've even seen parents ask around on message boards, looking for pox infected children that they can bring their kids to, so they'll be infected.

Oh. And have you read that some people think that purposefully allowing yourself to be infected with swine flu will make youre immune system stronger.
Sorry folks, it doesn't work that way!

Feel better my friend,

Paige said...


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