Monday, March 16, 2009

So this is what I do all day !

Wow, what a crazy week, just this morning a spot in Logens wound popped open and was bleeding like a stuck pig ( sorry Pearl) so I had to rush him BACK to ohsu to get it fixed. Gah-Ross.
Saturday morning at 9 am , T and I had a CTJ meeting to get Star to canter. She goes about 6 strides and sputters out and does what I affectionately call the " hell no and spin", or what a "purfeshonal" trainer would call " your horse is a lazy cow"..

Good Girl Star now get off your AZZ!

The Hot Pink Cheetah Super Sonic Wraps were once again not working. T is an absolute kick, one of the more fun lessons I've ever had. She is definitely " hands on" . What Star and I were doing wasn't working and we needed a fresh set of things to try. I love learning new things about my horse I never knew and watch her work like she knows how to.

So Saturday was the party at BBFF's. I've quit smoking, but MR. P decides it's a great idea to stop at the local Cigar shop and pick up a couple of these. How nice? My support system clearly has flaws.

A cute BBFF shot.

Her Hubbies custom made kilt. He makes home brewed beer. Let me tell you, it was AWESOME, so so smooth and tasty.

Ma and the BBFF, note I am sporting my GREEN eyeshadow. I was channeling J-LO that night :) and the hoop earrings too!

So Sunday was doggie spa day. The girls are trained to get in the tub on their own, I always carried them in until one day I hurt my back so bad, they had to learn to do it themselves. Whats funny is that Shannon the Lab goes in begrudgingly as she is always first to go. Kellie dog however will get in with no problem and well as you can see doesn't want to wait her turn for some reason.
So it was a Who's on first with these two, I called Kelly to get OUT, so Shannie got out too, so Kelly jumped back in, so I got Shannie back in and then it started all over.

This is the sad " I want to be blown dry with heat not towel dried with cold damp towel I know you dry the car with" look.

So the weekend ended fairly well, until this . Kellie dog is now clean, which means she gets to get up on my chair with me and watch tv. This was interrupted by the cat moving in, at my feet. She didn't want to move as the cat had been chasing her and being mean to her earlier. Note: we do not allow our animal kids to chase and be mean to each other. Not Kitty chasing and no hiding under the chair waiting for an opportunity to pounce, claws out and draw blood and yelps.

I much more to tell in the next few days and this coming weekend we are going to the NW Horse Expo/Extreme Mustang Makeover. Any local blogger peeps going???

Also, if you are a the Canby Tack Sale , go say hi to Mud B Gone in the Ely Arena.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Just trying to get caught up. I've been suffering from serious blog withdrawal symptoms without access to a computer for 4 days. Our modem required some work, and now I'm back.

Shessh, girl! You've been one busy chickie! Loved all the photos, especially you on Miss Bling Bling Princess Star...oh and the green eye shadow...on YOU...was da BOMB, baby!

That pitiful doggie do you stand it??

Poor Logen. What a traumatic ordeal. Yikes!

Lucky you going to that horse show. Take tons of pics and share all the good stuff when you get back home.


The Wife said...

Love the pitiful dog pics! Oh, and the green eyeshadow!

Flying Lily said...

Oh my that dog in the towel photo is priceless; it just cries out for a caption contest. Have a wonderful road trip and I hope you find something pink & sparkly.