Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A long day and a long post !

Today was Logen's surgery day at Oregon Health and Science University Hospital. He broke his collar bone a year and a half ago and it healed poorly and crooked, so he had to have it broken, reset and screwed back in place. OUCH. The day started at 4:30 am and we were in his room by 6:30 am.
Here is our little patient, waiting for the happy drugs and night night time. He so nervous , I am afraid he suffers from anxiety like I do. Poor kid. !

Here we are in the waiting lobby area.. Nap anyone? We are both just so tired. This is now about 11 am and he is still in surgery. Right after I took this pic the surgeon came out and gave us an update.

I did hours of this and dozing with my iPod.
But, we did however take an hour to go exploring up at the main campus AKA PILL HILL.
Ready to come along?

I wanted to take the Tram. For those in the Portland Area you know what an expensive and logistical nightmare this was. They gave us a free pass because Logen was a patient in surgery.
cool. I am afraid of heights but this didn't phase me at all. Isn't that strange?

Here is a picture of the Tram going the other way. Aren't they funky looking pods? Made in Sweden I think. So imagine if Ikea made Trams :)

So we are just wandering around and went into the Doernbecher's Children's Hospital side of the Campus. Shawn called it the " bad place". This is one of the many sculptures and art spaces they have there. It is unlike any place you have ever seen. Its almost magical and entirely geared for children and not sterile , it's a cool place!

This is looking down from one of the top patios on the Children's side. The views were killer!
This turtle was much bigger than it looks !

This was a cool fountain in this Pink Courtyard, one of many courtyards. They had hidden places to have a quiet moment all over the campus. I am used to the Catholic hospitals, the only quiet place is a rose garden with statues of the Saints and a bench.

This was another fun Art Piece/Gazebo. I can just imagine kiddos running around and giggling and not really realizing they are sick, while parents are praying for a cure.

This is the sky walk over to the VA hospital side of the campus. We did that side first then over to the Children's side. Very modern and clean nothing like Walter Reed !

This is another picture of the view from that patio, Logen's surgery is being done and the big tall building on the right down below. It's the OHSU Center for Healing. But all in all it was a fun day with Sweetie and I hanging out together and finally getting Logen all fixed up.

Well, that was out day almost 9 hours from start to finish. whew.......

They had a SPA ! Wish I had known that in advance!! Massages for two!


Kristina P. said...

That is a long day! I'm glad he's OK.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ummm....that rabbit statue has human feet. eww.

What a cool place. And how fun to be able to explore to help get your minds off the surgery and worrying. I really liked all the artwork.

Your expression cracked me up. I've got a feeling that when we finally do meet, you will be keeping me in stitches with your silly nuttiness.

So is Logen going to be ok? How long for healing?
Poor guy. I hope he's got plenty of pain meds. :)


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Thank goodness we don't have to floss our horse's teeth.

(Yes, I'll have to get my llamas sheared. I think I'm going to hire someone, though. My gelding likes to kick and doesn't appreciate being handled much. Thankfully llamas only need to be sheared every two years)

wilsonc said...

Oh, broken collar bones and plates and screws...I know all about that. There will be swelling and there will be pain. Did they send him home with one of those ice machines to reduce the swelling?

The Wife said...

That is a very neat medical complex. Glad everything went well!

My word verification is "recoped." As in recooperate maybe?

mrscravitz said...

Yes I know Dornbecker quite well. We spent many days up there. Out middle son was born with a heart defect. It has changed a lot though. The garden is a nice addition. They did not have that back in 1983. The hospital has grown, it is more 'user' friendly you might say? But he got wonderful care, and is very healthy today. I might have to blog about him! LOL

Reddunappy said...

Neat hospital, if you have to be in one LOL spent 2 months in the hosp on the 8th floor, dont like them. Neat pictures of your tour around though. I hope Logan heals quik, I cant imagin having to have a bone broken again, ouch squirm squirm LOL