Sunday, March 22, 2009

Horse Expo

I have to apologize up front for the picture quality. My camera pisses me off and I can't get it right.Then my battery died right in the middle of the day. So the pics I promised BLOW.
BUT, the Mustang Makeover was amazing. It brought tears to my eyes what these little horses could do after 90 days. Some were completely nervous and not listening to the rider, but there were a select few that were just to die for. Below is Mustang Sally. She was the winner.
Some laid down on command, jumped, flying lead changes, bull whip cracking..
I've never been so impressed.

There was one little mare who's neck was weirdly too short and if she had been more conformationally correct she would have been worth her weight in gold, such a good girl.
BUT the guy I wanted RUDY, the Reserve Champ sold at the auction for $3500. I would have paid that gladly, he was awesome and large, stout and kind eyed. Lovely... What was a shame was that the crowd had an opportunity to have a horse with 90 professional training, show and trailering experience and they couldn't get mere pennies on the dollar for most of them. Broke our hearts really...
Thank goodness we didn't have cash, trailer and a ranch because according to Mr. P we would have been proud new owners of a new herd of Mustang Makeover ponies.

This is Shawn cousin Tracey and his fabulous wife Sheila. They live in Pendleton and they are who we stay with for round -up.

This gives you an idea of the shopping. There wasn't any good deals to be had. I was very disappointed actually. I only bought wormer, treats and a new hoof pick. Lame...
I wanted to score a brow band for JP2, a bling purse, bridle or necklace for me, but alas, it was not meant to be. Lucky for my wallet I know what is priced right and what is jacked up and then " put on sale" ! See that Hot Pink Camo bag inthe right? I wanted that but the line was toooooo long, and the price wasn't good enough for me to stand there for an eternity. !
WOW, these trailers were expensive! There was a Bloomer/Outlaw inside priced at a cool 106k.
That's just crazy. Not saying it wouldn't be nice to have one, but I'll never see that day in this lifetime. Mine will be a used weekender at best. More likely a truck canopy and my old Circle J. :)

This is Rembrandt the Friesian Stallion. There are no words for this horse. He is stunning and quite a showman in the Stallion Showcase! I'm in love and not afraid to say it. He can come home with me any day of the week.

These are mini donks, so cute and friendly. My camera I think still has donkey snot on it ! IT was right after this picture my battery died. I am so sorry ! You should have the grown adults cooing at these donks.. They were that cute.

We stayed to watch the Cowboy race, I want to do it next year. Star is in for a big SURPRISE!!!
Guess what breed of horse had the least training and did the best job???
Yes, I said it. A tiny Arabian Mare was a complete rock star.
A woman trainer whom I adore and respect was there and it was great to visit with her as friends and not " customer" , and she sat with us during the last portion of the race. She is one of my very favorite people and I'm planning on taking a two day private clinic of hers soon.
Please visit her website. or
She also has video's on Youtube.
Well, once again I apologize for my lack of cool pics ! IF you ever get a chance to go watch the Mustang Makeover, it will change your mind about owning one! I truly believe that my next endurance horse may not be an ARAB! Sorry JP2....


Kristina P. said...

This sounds like such a fun event! Sorry about your camera!

20 meter circle of life said...

OK I will let you have a Mustang, But it has to be a Kiger!! No exceptions.. Want to take a girls trip to Burns and see them? I grew up there and we saw the mustangs almost every day

Jocelyn said...

JP2, you got it! Name the time place and I'll be there!

My car gets fabulous gas mileage !

gtyyup said...

FYI...I've got a Kiger for you!!! Serious.

Hey, you do Pendleton too? I've gone every year since I met My Man...this will be year 13...have to meet up with you there.

What a pity on the price of the horses at the Makeover...At least they got adopted...hopefully all to good homes.

PetalsYoga said...

I think the pics are great. They really made me want to be there!

Wish I actually owned some land instead of the postage stamp that we call a back yard...

How was that pilates/yoga class?

Jocelyn said...

GTYup: Do I do Pendleton???


We've already bought our tickets for 2009!

wilsonc said...

I have an absolutely gorgeous picture of Rembrandt that a friend took last summer out at Devonwood. He is the fabio of the horse world. He knows he's gorgeous! I'm told he loves photo ops.

jennifer said...

You write with so much enthusiasm! The stallion was gorgeous.

And I just hate to have my camera misbehave (and die) and I hate to shop and not find deals.

The Wife said...

Dead batteries! Nothing worse. I am like a walking battery store. Have at least four pair in my purse. No wonder the dang thing is so heavy!

Wish there had been better deals. Just not right to have the bling overpriced!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What is the Friesian doing....meditating? hehe I so love that mane braid. Mine never turn out that pretty. He's gorgeous. He gives a new meaning to the word 'stud muffin'! lol!

Sorry there weren't any good deals there. Bummer. But sounds like you had a pretty great time anyway.

Those donkeys are precious. Looks like they're wearing coats the way they clipped their necks. lol!


Paige said...

I would like to see the Mustang Makeover business---it would be interesting.

I love me some Friesians--for some reason, though, I just assume they are all studs. I guess it does not work that way though, does it?

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Ah, Friesians!! I do so love the breed, ever since I saw Rutger Hauer riding Goliath in the movie, LadyHawke. Teehee.

That Mustang Makeover sounds incredible! I would love to see them. Shame on the low prices, those horses are worth a ton of gold!