Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What makes our hearts go pitter patter

My husband and I have VERY different taste in ponies. This is what he prefers, Appaloosas. Below you see Zips Dark Chocolate. Yummy pour me some! If they have " jugheads" he likes them even more.
We are very Green Acres around here. He has put in an order of dark bay/black with snow blanket ,jug head and a tail. tall order I know but someday .....
Can you say fake tail?? But still even with a broom tail he would be gorgeous! Also if the pony only gait is at a snails pace at the walk even better.

This guy I got off of the ApHC site. He looks like he is made to order for Shawn ! Look at that fantastic tail!
Now this is what makes my BP go up. Black Arabians. Tall , black , snorty and necks to Jesus get my blood pumping. Elegant and refined like Mrs. Green Acres.

I mean seriously.. How could you not go glassy eyed and gooey for that face? Those ears! Just what Mamma ordered. That horse would fulfill a very old dream of a little girl and the Black Stallion books I read and reread. Dreaming of a beach ride in the surf bareback and flying in the wind.
So what is your fantasy horse? Don't get me wrong I love Star and she is fabulous. But someday I will have a " The Black" horse in my front yard eating my grass while I sit on the porch, drink my coffee and gaze at one of God's most wondrous and beautiful creatures.


Cactus Jack Splash said...

I love appys the best. Bet you couldn't guess that LOL

Jocelyn said...

No kidding !

I love me some spotted butts, but those big black arab eyes SUCK me in ...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hmm..I think they greased up that last guy, ala weight lifter style. lol!

Let's see, if the horse was ust for eye candy, I'd also pick your gorgeous black Arabian. I could sit and gaze at that hunk a burning love all day prancing, snorting and dancing across the field. I think I'd place spooky things in the paddock just to get him going. lol!

I alsa have a thing for a palomino. Love those blonde manes and tails. I used to have a crush on buckskins, too.

Oh and just love a deep red sorrel.

It's funny that I ended up with a tovero paint, because I was never interested in paint horses. She just sort of landed in my lap. I didn't care what color my horse was as long as she was well broke and calm.

Oh and I also have a bucket list of horses I'd like to 'try-out'.

~I just want to SIT up on a huge draft, like a Clydesdale or Percheron.

~I'd like to ride an Icelandic, especially their trot (I forget what it's called).

~I want to see the famous Lippanzers perform.

~I want to groom and then ride a gorgeous black Friesan on the beach. I must be barefoot and wearing a white cotton flowing dress. lol!!

So what is your horse bucket list?


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh! And I just remembered...the Icelandic trot is called a 'tolt'.

Have you ever seen it? Do a search on You Tube sometime. It's amazing to watch. Those little horses sure can cover some serious ground without hardly moving the riders at all. Forget having to post a trot. lol!


wilsonc said...

I'm partial to that black Arabian myself. I had those black stallion fantasies too when I was I think I am quite happy with my gelding :)

Sharon said...

Wow....I must say that the black horse (the last picture) is so very handsome! I think I would pick him!

Hope you're having a good week!

:0) Sharon

K. T. Sparks said...

You asked and I am going to voice my opinion on the matter.
I pick the Appaloosa horse for myself preferably black spotted Leopard, but there is no reason you can't have your Arabian someday! You only go around once so you need to fullfill your dream.

Me said...

I must be silly, but I love the blood bays with no white. Short stocky things with cute heads..

Jocelyn said...

Lisa: Bucket List
friesian horse- Same as you but my dress is red

Reining horse- what a kick that would be

Chocolate Palamino Morgans make my heart flutter as well.

drive an 8 hitch draft team..

Kim said...


I love Arabians.