Thursday, February 5, 2009


I haven't ridden this week at ALL and I am suffering from PLW.

Monday night was the Drill team Meeting.
Tonight is Book Club, last night my kiddo seemed lonely and hungry for a big meal, so I stayed home with him, fed him and did something like 5 loads of laundry. It felt awesome...
Night before that I went to the barn paid Stars Mortgage and left to visit a friend I had not seen in quite awhile.

I was going to go to our beach condo this weekend , but my Mom called and she'll be here on Valentines day.
OH Crap-Ola! I now have to paint the bathroom, clean the office/spare room and scrub my entire house stem to stern.
My dad reads this blog he understands ;) Shout out to DAD!

I am going through PLW aka Pony Love Withdrawals. It's a common symptom of not seeing your pony for more than a three day stretch. Thank goodness the BBFF will visit her tonight and let her run around the arena and stretch her legs.

Shawn thinks I sit around and pine for him when he is not home! HA

Lucky for me Star is not a horse that cares if she sees me or not. She will not punish me or give me the stink eye if Mummy doesn't come 4 days a week like normal. She will think she has finally been retired and ascended onto the throne of Pasture Diva once and for all.

So Blogger peeps, do your horses care if they see you? Do they turn their butts to you and give you the look back as if to say. OH DAM it's you again...
Are they cranky or glad to see you?
I want to read the comments so LEAVE THEM!


20 meter circle of life said...

Booster is happy to see the room service maid, but really unhappy if the maid happens to be wearing breeches!! Tonka thinks its magic that hay appears twice a day everyday by the pushy cart that the stupid two leggeds use!! Booster would be happy if I showed up fed him and then played My Little Pony Beauty Parlor and left, he is really luke warm on the whole riding thing. I have been told that when my car pulls in he knickers but then plays it cool. He is such an Elton John!!

Jocelyn said...

Elton John?

Leah Fry said...

Mine don't care as long as the chow keeps coming.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and yes, of course you may enter the contest!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hey girlfriend!

I wanted to let you know your AWESOME package arrived today. Don't be too hard on UPS, though. We do live way up here in the mountains, off the beaten track (or BFE, as you say. LOL!).

I just took photos of all the wonderful goodies you sent me and plan to do a post on them this weekend. The package arrived while I was up in the pasture TRYING to visit with my painted pony brat.
She either was pissed at me for not visiting with her for over 2 weeks, or she really was fearful of my walker. Either way, I was SO sad. :(
So todays post of yours fits in perfectly with the way I'm feeling.

I was so surprised and happy to come back from that dissapointment to open the box from you. It really lifted my spirits, Joccie! I LOVE LOVE everything you sent! :~D

By the way, what was the book selection chosen for your Book Club? When I'm finally able to drive again, I want to find a book club near me. I really enjoy discussing a book with others who've read it, too.
Let me know how you're enjoying your Book Club, k?


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Cactus Jack Splash said...

I love seeing my DOR! I give her a big ol hug whether she has treats or not.

Anonymous said...

First, hope you found some mojo with the decent weather we had this week!

Brig doesn't get mad at me when I miss seeing him, but if I'm gone for a bit he's happy to see me when I come to the barn, even if it's not feeding time. I think thoroughbreds are pretty social. And, I think geldings, as a rule, are more playful and curious. He likes to follow me around the field when I'm picking it, play with the wheelbarrow (OK, dump the wheelbarrow), play with the picks, stick his face in mine, try to nip me (lovely, huh?).

The only time we have issues is when I ride after some time off and that is mostly like getting back to the gym after taking a week off.

wilsonc said...

Boo runs hot and cold with me. Sometimes he's interested and sometimes he would just as soon I go away...once he gets the treats that are in my pocketthat is.

Jocelyn said...

Lisa, they chose
Like Water For Elephants.

Julie, Tb's are way more friendly than stock horses, thats why I love Arabs, they love you ALL the TIME, everyday, anytime!

Jewel, I am going to find ABU the perfect Grumpy Gay Man Swag to wear and maybe a tiara.

DOR- Lucky you!

Wilsonc: My arab mare was what we would call
Mare-Motional.. :)

Femin Susan said...

I love your blog and reading about horse ridding...
Keep up the great posts. Love, light and blessings to you and your family :)