Saturday, February 7, 2009

I found my mojo.. Star was hiding it...

I was out at the barn today.. ALONE ! Yes alone. It was heavenly. Some boarders like the social aspect of it, I however enjoy the solitude and Zen peacefulness of the quiet times.
We had a fantastic ride, a lovely set of transitions and I concentrated more on my abdomen and bee-hind as a driving technique. Sha Zam it worked!

So what is interesting about this photo? Star is never really interested in what I am doing. When I turn her out she is in her own world she hardly notices I am even there unless I LEAVE her sight, she is too busy running, bucking, looking at other horses etc...
Today was different she was happy to see me and followed me everywhere and well was actually a pest ! I tell you this because it NEVER happens.

I liked this shot of her she was looking at her mare frens, but still had an eye on me.
Star is attached to me like a newborn with the umbilical cord. She has to have me within her sight at all times. She will play in the arena and roll if I stand there, the second I step out this is what she does.
Uh.. Mom? Mom? I thought we were gonna play....
Today, I turned to leave her in there and grabbed the gate chain to " lock her in" and she took it out of my hand and held it.
She never does that either! She wanted to come with me to the bathroom?

I just find it all humorous because she rarely cares if I come see her or not, but today she was definitely saying " where the **** have you been Mamma?"
So, it was a fantastic day, sunny and warm to boot!
AHHHHH I feel the mojo in my blood again!


mrscravitz said...

Oh I KNOW what the mojo feels like! Sissy is a lot like your horse, she does not care if I am out there or not, unless she wants FOOD! LOL So it is WONDERFUL to have that time with them, and they notice you, and want you to be around! I LOVE THOSE TIMES!

jennifer said...

AW! You can see it in her eyes! She really was watching you. I predict forward progress in your next riding sessions :)

And girl, I LOVE your new thumbnail pic! You look GORGEOUS!

20 meter circle of life said...

What a pretty pretty Princess!! I think we should intro her to the Booster - I think they would be a pair - OF DIVAS!!! Thanks for today, it was awesome

Flying Lily said...

Isn't that great?! A terrific ride and your horse hanging on your every move...nothing is better.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yay! I'm glad you got your mojo back. Horses tend to help with that. Or hurt it :P
(You know how my mare treated me last week. The brat!)

I love the photos you took. And I think it's great how Ms. Bling Bling Princess wants you to be around her and not out of her sight. Some may say that horses don't have the same emotions as people and only really communicate with their own kind....but it's obvious that's not really true.

It seems that you and Star have really connected. Maybe it has something to do with all the extra time you are spending together during drill practice working as a team?

I think it's totally cool! :D

Yay Mojo! Yay!