Tuesday, February 10, 2009

If the Michelin Man rode a horse....

He would look like me...

Good Day!
I am relatively sore, but in a good fun way. Here are some pictures from last night my photog was was Mr. P. I needed him to take some pics so I can pick myself apart and be depressed on how fat I look. So with that said.... Star and I are easy to " spot" in a sea of Chestnuts and Brown we actually stand out.The Hot Pink Super Sonic Wraps keep the eye down and not up towards my enormous thighs.
It was freezing temps last night. I was literally shaking I was so cold and I had three layers on ! Two under my pants!

This is the look Star gave Shawn every so often. "DAD! Can you believe this BS? and does Mom make me look fat?"I was grateful to the gal next to me who took the time to explain what I was supposed to do and where I was supposed to be. I have to say I was getting frustrated as I am the newest and least experienced in drill patterns.

Can you "spot" us? I never thought that doing drill would be so much fun. It makes you think, your horse think and the social aspect is cool too. I like making new friends and new horsie friends is the cherry on top. Star was still being naughty about her personal space bubble, but not nearly as naughty as last week.

Walking abreast is hard as some horses are short legged and some are long legged. This little paint guy was a trooper. He was a brand new horse for the owner and he was ridden by someone he didn't know and was just a cute guy and so good! Geldings. got to love'm. Last night it was the mares acting silly. Star only acted silly when we went outside the arena to line up in the dark. By the third time she went right to her " spot in line". It's true the horse learns the pattern way before the rider does. She is a smart one that Star.

Here is a quick video of last nights practice. We actually had a nice jog for a second or two.
But she needs to move faster than a jog most of the time. I really think she is going to be great, she likes to go go go and having a job is what keeps her in her happy place.
I kept telling her that she needs to learn patience AND turn n burn. That's hard for a pony who thinks she is a glorified pasture princess.
Now we still need names! Any suggestions would be welcome!


Anonymous said...

Re: names. What is your common thread? Are you all a certain age? From the same area? Western only? Color(s)?

Jocelyn said...

Silver and Black are the colors for now.
We are all from the sandy/Eagle Creek area.

We are all over the board on age.

We don't have a common thread!!!

Do you like your new barn? Did you meet Toni?

20 meter circle of life said...

you look great. i am so glad you found a job for her and it sounds like she is starting to like it!!!
How bout saddle blanket babes or buckle bunnies

Jocelyn said...

Pussy Posse came up ;)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Was that a crash at the end of the video? hehe
You and Star were the stars out there. All eyes on you, not just because of Blong Bling Princess, but because the two of you really looked good. She was stepping out so pretty towards the end of that video, too.

Of course, you look fluffy. With that many layers, anyone would look fluffy. lol! Since you're only practicing, being warm and comfortable is the most important thing. Did I see a gal without a jacket on out there? Yikes! Brrr!

I'm actually impressed that you all practice at night. My mare gets grouchy at night thinking it's her time off. Eat, be left alone, sleep.
Do you feed Star before you go or afterwards? Or both?

Do you have to trailer Star for the practices, too? Is the barn close by?

I wonder if we have drill teams around here. I've never seen or heard of any. I may have to look for one when I'm back in the saddle again. That looks like fun!

I can't wait to see more of you and Ms. Bling Bling Princess ding your drill routine in the future. :)


Jocelyn said...

Lisa, Lucky for me Drill is at the barn where I board at. I will eventually have to trailer her to the other arenas where practices will be held.

Star gets dinner at 5:30pm,practice is at 7, then I give her some extra alfalfa after that much of a workout.

I am so fat! Ive got to lose some weight before our first performance!

Mrs Mom said...

Ugh- fat- dont even GO there girl. I looked at those pix of me on my horse yesterday and groaned out loud. Now THAT is NOT a good thing!!!

Looks like Drill is awesome though. WIsh we had a team near here!

Jocelyn said...

Mrs Mom: the sad reality is that I will NEVER be happy with how I look on a horse. Unless I am in a size 6, with zero body fat I Will just think I look like a giant rolly moo cow.

strivingforsavvy said...

Drill team sounds like so much fun! I wish there was one closer to Canby where I live. You look great!