Thursday, February 26, 2009

My name is JP and I am an addict

This is my addiction. Nicotine... I smoke Trucker Smokes to boot!
Not namby pamby Ultra Lite 100's sissy bar smokes. The real deal the REDS.
I have had session one on Tuesday of three hypnosis sessions and smoked my last smoke ( crossing fingers) today. I ran out, not cuz I had some overwhelming desire to quit. No no no...
I am not that easily swayed.
Any prayers and embroidery supplies would be most welcome.

JP!'s PSA:
Any snarky, mean and otherwise snarly posts or comments are not to be taken personally by my Blogger Peeps until at least the end of March, maybe longer..

I am going to go and restart all my embroidery projects ASAP.


mrscravitz said...

My prayers are with you. This is a very hard thing to do! I KNOW! I smoke! LOL Am trying to quit too! But I smoke the sissy namby pamby ones! HAHAHAHA Keep us posted on how the hypnosis goes.

Mrs Parks said...

For real?
Your quitting?
I smoke the green ones.
I love them.

May the force be with you.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sheesh girl. You are hard core, aren't you!
That's the stuff that turns your lungs black as coal.
Good for you wanting to quit and making serious plans, too.

I'm amazed that you know embroidery. I've always wanted to learn, but I'm afraid my fingers would cramp up. lol!

Well ths explains the bossy 'tude demanding your chicken song be returned to my blog. LOL!!

I better get to it.

Good luck...don't give up!


word verification: 'dings'

Leave those dings alone, JP!

Heather said...

Who is going to enforce the union sanctioned smoke breaks at the barn....Will I be smoking my minty fresh lights all on my own...

Jocelyn said...

BBFF I thought you quit? You can just buy my embroidery floss to make yourself feel better.

Lisa: Yes please return the chicken song, I listen to it everyday!
King of the Chickens.Chicken Prime Minister !

Marilyn : I'll be right over save me one.

Mrs. Cravitz: Please give up the smokes, you'll feel better I promise.

wilsonc said...

I quit 8 years ago. Hardest thing I ever did, so my thoughts and prayers are with you. It will get easier over time. Hang in there.

Sharon said...

Good luck Jocelyn! I really hope you can do this! No, I will rephrase that....You CAN do this!!! I'm sure the first few days are the worst, just get through them and it will be smooth sailing!

Hugs, Sharon

jennifer said...

Jocelyn, you CAN do it!! I support you 110% and I am proud of you for taking a bold step in quitting.

And YES, by all means, prayers for you going up tonight!

(I have thought about hypnosis for weight loss. PLEASE do a follow up with how effective you think it was in helping you. I would be VERY curious to hear)

jennifer said...

And I have a boatload of embroidery (cross stitch) floss. If you need it let me know!