Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back from my break

I needed a break, to clear my head.. Kind if like the Labrador is full time. Her head is constantly clear..
So we went to our condo at the beach to be with my Mom for the weekend. There were alot of Sailboats and fishing boats in the bay to gaze at longingly...

This is a close as I will ever come to owning one... sigh... Horse are expensive but not as expensive as boats!

The birds are comical they just sit in one spot for five minutes then move on and then the next one comes and takes their spot. If you weren't watching you would think it was the same bird. It's like a Seagull revolving door.

These little finches are on the bush outside out patio. They are not afraid of people and will come right up to the railing when you are outside sitting in a chair.

Not too many pics , I was busy shopping, sleeping, eating and boat watching!
IT was fabulous. Anytime anyone wants to come along with me for a girls weekend raise your hand!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a new fan of your blog. Hope you can join my free horse lovers club It is very active now.

Jocelyn said...

Clearly Wanna Reading has not read my profile that says Married.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

And to think that I was scopping poop this weekend, while you were lazing by the sea. lol!

I'm glad you had a great time.

Raising Hand!

It may take a while, but I do plan on visiting the PNW one day, and I hope you'll let me add you to my 'people I must visit' list :)


ps, Yeh, Wanna Reading stinks. They visted my log and tried to leave their SPAM on at least 3 of my blog posts. bah!

Jocelyn said...

Well at least that tack seller chick has left me alone for the time being.
Yuo are more than welcome to come visit and I'll take you to the beach. That would be a hoot.!

Stephanie said...

Sound like you got a little "me" time in though...

I hear ya on the condo thing, I feel the same way about my parent's lake cabin. I always dream having one of my own.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Oh! Me! Me!

Jocelyn said...


Let me know anytime! It is such a blast there!

gtyyup said...

Sounded like a perfect get away weekend...good for you!