Sunday, May 2, 2010

Why do I do this to myself

My Dad reads this so I have to keep it on the DL :)
Shawn will be home Tuesday sometime during the day anywhere between 3 am and ??????????
I have once again enabled my child, this often turns out to be ALOT of work for me and him doing nothing.
I only have 6 weeks left, and the Mommy Help Service will be closed for good.
I am working on a trail riding, gym, hill training schedule for me and Star. As much as I love leisurely trail rides, I really need to make the time to get out and really get her working on long distances and hills.
Resetting goals once again, and trying to find my motivation!
BBFF and Grace came with us today on their first off property trail ride! They did great!
Sarah and her 23 year old Arabian Corey also came along for their first time out too!

Barb and Thai( Dun Paint) and Jenne and Tonka( Bay Pinto). Barb and I are going riding next Saturday with the Oregon Equestrian Trails folks.

So this may be my last post until the middle of next week, I am busy catching up on projects and getting the house in order before my Sweetie gets home :)


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Sounds busy but fun!

Anonymous said...

If this is same one, it may not be a big turnout, but my husband and I are still planning on going this Saturday! -eclipsefarm at yahoo