Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pay it forward

This Saturday I will be riding in my 2nd endurance ride. This time only 25 miles and not 32!
That last 10 mile loop was like FOREVER.

At my first ride( as in first endurance ride EVER) I had a bit of a sitch -e -a-shun. I was supposed to ride with two gals that my mentor hooked me up with.
Well, that did not work out.. AT ALL....

Star was acting like a ninny, I was having a MAJOR panic attack and , the whole drama of the starting line pissy mare/bucky crow hoppy fit and my bundle of nerves, it was clear we wernt going anywhere fast, anytime soon.

So I started to cry that I was now solo to get through 32 miles of HOLY SH** what did I sign up for! ( half freaking out, half totally pissed) , then the clouds parted and two angels came from nowhere ,that let me ride with them. I brought up the caboose for 32 miles, came in 47th out of 47!

But we made it! After about 5 miles, Stars brain kicked in and she was a total rockstar. She was only a doofus for about 45 minutes, then the rest of the 6 hours, AMAZING.

So with that said, this weekend is another big ride. I was only supposed to volunteer and take Star for some quickie trail rides. She was only coming for the experience not to compete. As it turns out there is another gal who is a first timer like I was and wants someone to ride with. I have the patience of Job and I truly don't care if we come in dead last. I will be making sure we finish, and have a freaking blast doing it.
My two angels from heaven are coming to the ride, so I bought them a Thank you gift, for taking excellent care of Star and I on our first ride.

and the Cherry on top?

My Sweetie is coming along and going to go fishing with his kid whilst Star and I are busy finishing our 2nd ride.

Maybe this time I wont forget the lunch meat and peanut butter and not half starve to death.


wilsonc said...

Majorly cool that hubby and son are coming along. You are going to be an endurance rock star JP!

The Wife said...

Good luck!! So glad hubby made it in safe and sound. And yes, my niece's horse and Star look alike. My dad breeds black and white paints so there are a lots floating around his house! I think Spirit has some of Star's attitude as well!

Mrs Mom said...


Too cool SP and son will be nearby too!

Kick Butt!

JJ said...

Go you!! I know this ride will be so much better! I can't wait to hear the stories. HAVE FUN!!!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Have a grand ride on your rock star. Nice the event is turning into a bit of a family outing

strivingforsavvy said...

Sounds like fun. It's going to be great weather too! I would like to get together sometime soon about the ACTHA ride and I would also like to learn more about these endurance rides.

AareneX said...

Have fun without me in camp >sniff< I wish I could be there!

Breathe said...

It's going to be such a blast!! So exciting, girl! Have too much fun!

I *might* be volunteering for my first race.

What tips do you have for a first experience. What should I look for? What should I pack? I would love to do a first endurance ride (not race, I would be last too). Tough to find good partners, though.

Reddunappy said...

OH I am so envious of you Jocelyn! I loved the 25 mile endurance ride I did, I was 22 at the time though LOL LOL, it would hurt a lot more now! Have fun with it!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How awesome is that?!
I appreciate how you keep it real when talking about how that first endurance ride didn't start off so well...and you even came in last. But like you finished! And that is HUGE!

I keep picturing you in a year or two after you have a whole saddle bag of endurance rides under your belt...with you laughing about these early rides and how they were less than perfect.
What is so awesome about that is that you will still be there to be another newbie rider's angel because you've been there, done that and know what it's like.

I'm proud of you, JP. I really truly am.

Have a safe and fun ride this weekend, my friend.


Heather said...

Don't forget the lunch meat and peanut butter!!

Good luck and ride safe!! Send pics and updates!!

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

25 miles is far! How long does that take?

Wow, that's perfect. Hubby will be fishing while waiting for you. Have a fun and safe trip!

baystatebrumby said...

Your two angels reminded me of when my friend Sophia was in Berlin and was having terrible luck and a very stressful moment. She said two girls appeared out of nowhere, helped her get a taxi and gave her directions of how to get where she wanted to go. They also hugged her. Don't you love angels appearing out of nowhere? Congratulations on your ride, you made it!!