Saturday, May 22, 2010

more ride pictures ala Star

OH EM GEE MAMMA! A bath at O dark thirty?? and my Bathrobe on?
This can only mean one thing.

We are going somewhere's. Momma put me on "Operation Starvation". I decided that going into the moving box was no longer something I wanted to do. So Momma and Daddy didn't feeds me my breakfast. They put it in the moving box.
So this time and this time only I decided the moving box breakfast meal on wheels wasn't so bad. So I got right in like a lady.
This is where we stopped and parked the moving box. Instead of being tied like a dog, I actually got a corral like a good horse. Daddy and step brat even moved me closer to the trees for shade n stuff.
Daddy is going to buy me my own corral, so I can have some street cred with my mare frens.
See those pink buckets? Momma got wise and tied them so I couldn't play in the water. However she didn't do this until I had knocked them over twice. Not so swift that Momma, but what a fun time I had watching her schlep water for me.
This is Stepbrat, he was my main water boy. He helped Daddy set up the tent n coffee maker thingy. Mamma sez, the coffee maker thingy is more important than the tent.
I agree, she was much nicer this time.

Camp at night, I could keep an eye on everyone this way. Daddy had it lit up like a baseball field.
That was good because when I kept calling to Momma she could see me and tell me to shut the **** up. I was just checking to see if she was all right, sheesh.. Crabby Pants....

and I have to sleeps outside?? Whatever...

This is me looking out into the sunset, or the handsome gelding across the way, or someone rattled a grain can. I'm not sure really.

This was a hard ride and man I had to work very hard. Momma sez I got a week off and now I have to go back to work. I sure hope it's not in the moving box anytime soon. Operation Starvation sucked.
Hoof Out~ Star


allhorsestuff said...

Your momma is good to you Star beauty..and you are good to your momma!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

You are looking good and turning into quit the endurance horse

The Wife said...

LOL! Hoof out Star! You're a rock star!

JJ said...

Love that corral! Star looks like one hot mama standing in it :).

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Star, you have the best life! Such a nice set-up your Mama has for you. It's all such a grand adventure. Have fun pretty girl!