Thursday, May 20, 2010

The complete run down of my ride.

All endurance ride photos are Courtesy of Merri Melde @ Equestrian Vagabond.

See Star in the left of picture? She was in race mode ! This was at the starting line !
I still had 25 miles of this to go!
until Coyotes cross your path and then it's SCREW THIS I'M GOING BACK TO CAMP.
Yeah, that was awesome. Try convincing a 16 h, 1200 pound mare that she isnt going to be dinner.


My person I was supposed to " babysit" was very green , very nervous, and got herself VERY BUCKED OFF about 6 miles in. Knocked out cold and I had to wait 45 plus minutes for help to arrive.
It was up to me to finish the next 19 miles alone. Solo, a la carte, mono y mono....
The emergency delay made me 30 minutes late past my ride time.
This resulted in a " no time" aka No Completion.
I had done a grueling 19 miles alone, and it was all for ZERO points.
Here I am crossing the finish line. I know I am last, I know I am over time and was mentally just fried. The last vertical climb was so steep I had to get off and send her up the hill alone.
That's when my ride angel arrived and got me to SUCK IT THE **** UP and finish!
I ran in, untacked, rinsed her off, pulsed her down , vetted in, and collapsed in my tent. Yep, collapsed.
side note: 12 miles with the bit, and final 13 without. I took out the bit and bit hanger and just snapped the reins to the halter. Shawn said:

" she shouldnt go bitless at the start she is acting naughty" Well, that was a smart move on our part to wait until the 2nd loop.
My Mentor's Mom felt bad that I got a zero completion and made me a "turtle" necklace.
Turtle meaning, I came in dead last ! I thought that was so nice. I will value that gesture. :)
See that dirty horse? I had just given her a liniment bath and she immediately rolled.
Of course right? I was recognized for my conduct and given a prize for taking care of the fallen rider at the awards meeting.
Well, they had made an executive decision later that morning, and due to some other rider sticking up for me, they granted me a completion. I was almost brought to tears. I finally spewed some tears in the bathroom at the DQ on the way home. Isn't that weird? of all places....
So, I am grateful to the riders who helped my along the way this time. My ride angel and the one who had my back. I think I am going to have to buy more gifts !

So, last night was the blogger dinner. We had quite a few no shows, not sure why, but everyone gets busy. This is Pauline a former boarder at my old barn, and lucky for me she is also my neighbor. I drug her out with me :) Isn't she cute?

Here is Karen aka GTTY'UP Life at the Rough String
and Char from Canterbalance.
We are all going to be at Pendleton Round Up , so we are making plans now to go to the Cowboy Breakfast. Let'R Buck!

The gal in the blue jacket is Daphne. For the life of me I can't remember her blog.
She is known as Squirrel Girl :) Also, so super cute.
We had a great time !
So that sums up my week ! See that red t-shirt I am wearing.
Yeah, that's my newest "completion" award :)


Paige said...

I am so proud of you--for finishing and for staying with the buckee

JJ said...

I think you did an awesome job. You stayed with the poor bucked off rider, and you finished something very challenging. Congrats!!!

Linda said...

You stayed with a fallen rider. AND you crossed the finish line. In my book you came in first.

Jocelyn said...

Paige: Thanks, it was hard becasue riders kept going by and Star wanted to go with them and not stay with me...

JJ; Thanks, it was quite a ride!

Linda: First place would have been awesome they got horse coolers :)

AareneX said...

Yowza, that's a tough ride. If you haven't seen Monica's blog about the Mt Adams ride, you might find it interesting:

Your friend made a good point about bit vs bitless. I usually ride my horses with a bit (or a stronger-than-usual bit) for the first loop, and then return to normal running gear after the fluff has settled back down in their brains!

Jocelyn said...

Aaerene: Monica was a godsend, I couldn't leave the rider, and then the other riders were helping her as Star would not stand tied to a tree and kept circling me, she just wold not cooperate, we were on a tight part of the trail and no matter where I stood I was in the other riders way.
So I had to stand down the trail a bit so I could keep an eye on gwynn and keep my horse out of everyone's way.Star kept freaking out every time a rider passed and we were not going with! I wasn't much help, but I did stay and keep an eye on her, tried to keep the conversation of her horse taking off to a minimum, it seemed to agitate her more.She kept saying Jocelyn you can leave me. YEAH NO!

allhorsestuff said...

Oh girlie! That was a toughie ride..and you are a trooper! Staying with the greenhorn gal, was a good decision and also that YOU DESERVED the completion, on the part of the powers that be!!!
My mare does sooo much better bit less...but at first =NOT= just about got myself bucked off last wkend.. trying a new bitless at the canter towards home...but a rolling, forward buck- is not dangerous for coming off..but the fact she figured out how to evade by going down-down was scarey!

Sorry I missed the blogger event- had later apts this time. Give me a heads up before next time..will show forsure gal!
KK out~
Again, GREAT RIDE!!!!

gtyyup said...

So much fun meeting with you again Jocelyn! Really lookin' forward to the Roundup!! Yep, "Let 'er Buck!"

Daphnie's blog is

KK~hope to see you next time...yes, we'll do another time...right Jocelyn?!?

Desert Rose said...

I was so glad to hear you got a complete...becuase I was gonna have to kick ass BIGTIME for you! YOU stay with an injured rider and don't get credit!!!!
I tell gotta get out the way with my horses...they will knock you don't trying to get IN the trailer!!!
horses are home next week...can't wait!