Monday, May 24, 2010

Take it from me Peeps !

Here are a couple of items you will appreciate and love me for later.
It's only because I loves my Peeps.

I have this type of water holder, why? Well, it goes up and under the pommel of my saddle and literally sits right in front of me. No turning, no leaning, just reach down and grab your bottle. I have logged alot of miles with this and haven't lost one bottle yet. The water stays nice and cold too. They hold the BIG 32 oz, Nalgene Bottles with ease. Trust me however, use the smaller bottles, easier to get in and out.
Also, one less carabineer holding your crap on the D rings.

DO NOT and I REPEAT DO NOT buy the store brand of Coppertone sunscreen. Pay the extra 4 bucks and get the real deal. The store brand runs and is not sweat proof or waterproof.
It sucked, it ran in my eyes all day. OUCH and made me terribly crabby at the same time.
I have to use it on Stars nose and she took one drink and it was all washed off. Sorry people after me at the water tanks :(.

They are my new obsession. Don't ask and I won't tell you. :)
Run to your nearest department store and buy these undies. They are a bamboo blend/seamless/moisture wicking ones and have NO SEAM on the front crotch area, and then the rest is small flat seams. I SWEAR ON THE BIBLE, I had no raw girlie parts, they did NOT RIDE UP for 25 plus miles, and I it hardly felt like I had any on. Jockey will be your new bff I swear. Not one raw spot or chafe I promise you.
A safer choice of bottle.
To me, turning up a regular water bottle to get a drink is just not safe on the trail. Your head is cocked back and your eyes are now distracted.
Thus, I use CamelBak Bottles. You bite the soft part and suck. So your eyes can stay forward, and you will be less likely to get a fat lip or cut if your horse takes a misstep and you ram it into your face. Plus it has a hanger built in. One downside is that if you put it full of ice you have to really make sure the inside straw part is on tight. Mine came off twice when I filled it with ice and trying to fix it mile 19 sucked.

As more reviews come in I will post them :)


Rebecca said...

So where do you get the water bottle holder? Hubby's company has been sending him the water bottles from Camelback so I've been lucky to not have to purchase my own! :-)

Jocelyn said...

I got them at a Sporting goods store.
I found them online too for like 4 bucks!

JJ said...

I love that water bottle holder thing, how cool. I want one just because though. Also, good idea about the Camelbak water bottle with the soft bitey sippy thing. That's something that never would have occured to me (the bumping of the mouth and all that).

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I likie that Camelbak water bottle! I have never liked tipping back, squeezing and slurping while all I can see is the sky.
I'm going to have to get some of those. Is REI the best source?

I have used Nalgene water bottles for hiking for over 20 years now. Those bottles last forever and give off no bad tastes or odors to water ever. But I can't find the size that will fit in my horn bag holder.

I am in the market for some new panties as all my Hanes cotton granny panties have lost their shape and bag down to my knees. lol!
I will be checking out those Jockeys for sure!


allhorsestuff said...

I have 1of those holders!...where do you get them now?..I got mine at GI Joes..yea..that is how long I have had it!
I cant do that cut of undies...they literally =cut me..I only wear "Smarty pants" from "healthy as a horse" online store.
Ooop you answered the where question..okay!

Jocelyn said...

KK i dont wear that cut, but that was the closest picture I could find :) I mostly wear the boy cut ones

Desert Rose said...

I will look at all your cool stuff (not undies of course) when we get together! Horses come home tomorrow...I am sooo excited!!! will let you know when I can ride!