Monday, March 30, 2009

Saturday in our Home Town

This Saturday Shawn and I went down to Eugene to see " our kids" and their parents. Mitch and Margaret. So while the kiddos were napping we went on a drive around the U of O campus and some other familiar spots. It's so cool to be married to someone who has the same history as you. Same town, same schools, same friends, same memories. It made it easy on dates for conversations and no background check was required.
So Here is the U of O sign. This is for you Dad.

This is the Catholic church St Mary's where Shawn's Grandparents got married.

This is the ever famous Hayward Field. It is the mecca of all that is track and field. the Olympic trial were held here for Beijing. There is so much history on this field. Someday I want to run on it's track.

This is Mac court. The Basketball Stadium. I've been here numerous times as a kid/teen, but not once as an adult. They are building a new one, they are tearing down the old Williams Bakery to build it there. This is a very old, loud, cool place. The only thing not cool is how you have to get there if you park far away.

You walk through here. It's also party central afterwards. I know weird and creepy, but it wouldn't BE A DUCK game if you didn't have to walk through the cemetery at least once.

This is where Shawn worked as a sous chef back in the day and where he and the first wife got married. The guy he used to work for now owns Mookies in Springfield. yum yum yum.

This is the Oregon Electric station, another Eugene landmark. Shawn worked here too in High School and took a friend of ours on a date there back in the day. :) She is a hottie, so HIGH FIVE. ^5.
I actually have NEVER eaten there. I know crazy! Someday maybe Shawn will take me on a date there? hmmmmm.

So back to the house and the kiddos are ready for some attention. Jack wants to show me he can read. He isn't really reading but has actually memorized the whole book. I love kids who love to read.

Miss Beth ran to her room to bring me her ponies to share. One is Cookies and Cream and one is
Cinnamon. HUh... I wonder why she thought I wanted to see her stuffed ponies???

Beth crawled into my lap and read book after book, I just love that. I remember both my Grandmas would sit forever to listen to me read out loud. Book after Book, even the newspaper.
I was reading the paper by the time I was 5. How nerdy and geeky is that? I'm so lame.

Then it was my TURN to read. Disney Princess books. Not my personal favorite to read. So, that means I will have to bring them books next time. If I have a kid on my lap that wants to hear a story, I'll do it until the cows come home. S.U.C.K.E.R.....

They wanted to play Jenga, they are so funny to watch. I'm going to take video next time. they take it seriously and know the rules. Uncle Shawn and their dad were also playing, it was fun to watch the two grown men vs. the kids.

Jack with his game face on!

It was a looooooooong day, but fun. We like to come see them about every 6 weeks. We bring them candy and get them all sugar jacked high and then leave:) Just like grandparents!
So thanks for coming along on my day down south. Margaret is a fabulous hostess and cook, we always gain weight when we've left her house. She made me cheeseburgers, perfect ending to a super fun day!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


The wiener... Oh I mean the WINNER of the Caption Contest is !


"Steel Toed Boots? Curses! Foiled again..."

Runner up: 3 Penny Jane " Classic Bend-Toe Box Lunch"

I laughed out loud when I read that! But I got outvoted by the panel of judges.

Thank you so much everyone for entering my fun little contest and I will get those cupcakes and other gifts out asap.
Email me your info and favorite colors !

Congrats Charlotte!

tagged for a 10 x 10

Gttyup at Life at the Rough String tagged me to find my 10th folder and 10th picture.
Well, this is a picture of Shawn watching Food Network.
Not sure why or what the deal is and neither does he.
So he named this photo" happiness".

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Caption This! CONTEST !!!!

UPDATE: 3/27/09!!


Shawn aka Len Goodman
Logen aka Bruno Tonioli
Catlin aka Carrie Ann Inaba

disclaimer: there will be no disco ball.

Ok, here is photo. Now caption away Blogger Peeps...
IF you are a faithful reader of MLWS, you will find this amusing at best...
There are cupcakes and bling to WIN!!

It's that time!!!

OK Blogger Peeps !!!!

It's time for another contest/giveaway.

I am going to post a picture tonight and this is going to be a caption contest.

The lucky wiener. errr......... I mean winner will receive something hand made by yours truly.

Maybe cupcakes( if local), maybe truffles and maybe something that sparkles and screams bling, Maybe a bit of both. Depends on who wins actually....

So.................. Stay tuned for tonight's picture.........

Monday, March 23, 2009

Nicotine Deprivation and Drill Practice bad combo

Let me preface first:

JP bought a new to me used barrel racing saddle. Sold a saddle bought a new one. SCORE.
Made a special trip out to BFE to pick it up yesterday to have for tonight's Drill Practice.

So I get to barn, stoked, ready to roll, tack up and walk out to the arena and ...............
My jaw drops open.
All the Parelli stuff is still in the arena including the horse trailer. WTF?

Yeah tonight was Parelli/NH/Play date night. BARF...........
needless to say, I didn't get any real work/riding done and just untacked. I wanted a smoke in the worst way I was so irritated. bad................

We even played with the PP Ball. She'll bump it with her head if I say " get it, get it".
She wanted to do every obstacle, she was DYING to get in the trailer, could barely wait her turn.
So I let her go in and come out twice and moved on. I wonder where she thought we were going to go? Not to Gramma's or the Feed Store that's for sure.

So I decide as long as I'm out here, might as well work with Sis and the " sack on a stick from hell" I have zero patience,so Della the BO traded me and she worked with her.
So that was a positive. Craig Cameron said you have to rope break your horse, so as soon as the round pen goes back up I will do that next. I think I might buy his DVD as a reference tool.

It just makes sense she needs to be broke to a rope around her foot and not panic. I am not a PP hater, but nor a kool aid drinker either. I prefer saddle work over walking over tarps and logs.

Next week? COWS....
I think I might die of sheer terror. I'm going to want a smoke then too.... This is tough stuff this no smoking.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Horse Expo

I have to apologize up front for the picture quality. My camera pisses me off and I can't get it right.Then my battery died right in the middle of the day. So the pics I promised BLOW.
BUT, the Mustang Makeover was amazing. It brought tears to my eyes what these little horses could do after 90 days. Some were completely nervous and not listening to the rider, but there were a select few that were just to die for. Below is Mustang Sally. She was the winner.
Some laid down on command, jumped, flying lead changes, bull whip cracking..
I've never been so impressed.

There was one little mare who's neck was weirdly too short and if she had been more conformationally correct she would have been worth her weight in gold, such a good girl.
BUT the guy I wanted RUDY, the Reserve Champ sold at the auction for $3500. I would have paid that gladly, he was awesome and large, stout and kind eyed. Lovely... What was a shame was that the crowd had an opportunity to have a horse with 90 professional training, show and trailering experience and they couldn't get mere pennies on the dollar for most of them. Broke our hearts really...
Thank goodness we didn't have cash, trailer and a ranch because according to Mr. P we would have been proud new owners of a new herd of Mustang Makeover ponies.

This is Shawn cousin Tracey and his fabulous wife Sheila. They live in Pendleton and they are who we stay with for round -up.

This gives you an idea of the shopping. There wasn't any good deals to be had. I was very disappointed actually. I only bought wormer, treats and a new hoof pick. Lame...
I wanted to score a brow band for JP2, a bling purse, bridle or necklace for me, but alas, it was not meant to be. Lucky for my wallet I know what is priced right and what is jacked up and then " put on sale" ! See that Hot Pink Camo bag inthe right? I wanted that but the line was toooooo long, and the price wasn't good enough for me to stand there for an eternity. !
WOW, these trailers were expensive! There was a Bloomer/Outlaw inside priced at a cool 106k.
That's just crazy. Not saying it wouldn't be nice to have one, but I'll never see that day in this lifetime. Mine will be a used weekender at best. More likely a truck canopy and my old Circle J. :)

This is Rembrandt the Friesian Stallion. There are no words for this horse. He is stunning and quite a showman in the Stallion Showcase! I'm in love and not afraid to say it. He can come home with me any day of the week.

These are mini donks, so cute and friendly. My camera I think still has donkey snot on it ! IT was right after this picture my battery died. I am so sorry ! You should have the grown adults cooing at these donks.. They were that cute.

We stayed to watch the Cowboy race, I want to do it next year. Star is in for a big SURPRISE!!!
Guess what breed of horse had the least training and did the best job???
Yes, I said it. A tiny Arabian Mare was a complete rock star.
A woman trainer whom I adore and respect was there and it was great to visit with her as friends and not " customer" , and she sat with us during the last portion of the race. She is one of my very favorite people and I'm planning on taking a two day private clinic of hers soon.
Please visit her website. or
She also has video's on Youtube.
Well, once again I apologize for my lack of cool pics ! IF you ever get a chance to go watch the Mustang Makeover, it will change your mind about owning one! I truly believe that my next endurance horse may not be an ARAB! Sorry JP2....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

two days and counting

Tonight is my first combo Yoga and Pilates class.. Please pray for me and my joints. It's going to be an hour of sweat and real tears :)

First bright and Early Saturday morning ( aka o'dark thirty) me and sweetie will be at the NW Horse Expo watching the Extreme Mustang Make over and the Extreme Cowboy race.

Once again getting out the White Trash Picnic Basket ! ROAD TRIP! wooo hoooo.......

I literally am BEYOND excited. :)

There can be some killer deals, but you HAVE to know your prices. I am a savvy shopper, it took me almost 3 months to decide on just CLIPPERS! I know.... totally OCD.

I am not in the market for anything particular and Jewel has my shopping list for the tack sale.
But if it SCREAMS Rodeo Cowgirl Bling-ish and pink. It's mine...

More than likely I will come home with some sort of " beauty product" and maybe a new fancy hat ;)

Stay tuned for killer pics!

Monday, March 16, 2009

So this is what I do all day !

Wow, what a crazy week, just this morning a spot in Logens wound popped open and was bleeding like a stuck pig ( sorry Pearl) so I had to rush him BACK to ohsu to get it fixed. Gah-Ross.
Saturday morning at 9 am , T and I had a CTJ meeting to get Star to canter. She goes about 6 strides and sputters out and does what I affectionately call the " hell no and spin", or what a "purfeshonal" trainer would call " your horse is a lazy cow"..

Good Girl Star now get off your AZZ!

The Hot Pink Cheetah Super Sonic Wraps were once again not working. T is an absolute kick, one of the more fun lessons I've ever had. She is definitely " hands on" . What Star and I were doing wasn't working and we needed a fresh set of things to try. I love learning new things about my horse I never knew and watch her work like she knows how to.

So Saturday was the party at BBFF's. I've quit smoking, but MR. P decides it's a great idea to stop at the local Cigar shop and pick up a couple of these. How nice? My support system clearly has flaws.

A cute BBFF shot.

Her Hubbies custom made kilt. He makes home brewed beer. Let me tell you, it was AWESOME, so so smooth and tasty.

Ma and the BBFF, note I am sporting my GREEN eyeshadow. I was channeling J-LO that night :) and the hoop earrings too!

So Sunday was doggie spa day. The girls are trained to get in the tub on their own, I always carried them in until one day I hurt my back so bad, they had to learn to do it themselves. Whats funny is that Shannon the Lab goes in begrudgingly as she is always first to go. Kellie dog however will get in with no problem and well as you can see doesn't want to wait her turn for some reason.
So it was a Who's on first with these two, I called Kelly to get OUT, so Shannie got out too, so Kelly jumped back in, so I got Shannie back in and then it started all over.

This is the sad " I want to be blown dry with heat not towel dried with cold damp towel I know you dry the car with" look.

So the weekend ended fairly well, until this . Kellie dog is now clean, which means she gets to get up on my chair with me and watch tv. This was interrupted by the cat moving in, at my feet. She didn't want to move as the cat had been chasing her and being mean to her earlier. Note: we do not allow our animal kids to chase and be mean to each other. Not Kitty chasing and no hiding under the chair waiting for an opportunity to pounce, claws out and draw blood and yelps.

I much more to tell in the next few days and this coming weekend we are going to the NW Horse Expo/Extreme Mustang Makeover. Any local blogger peeps going???

Also, if you are a the Canby Tack Sale , go say hi to Mud B Gone in the Ely Arena.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Busy Busy Busy !

Sorry it's been so long in between posts, but wow this has been a crazy busy week. I had my 2nd Hypno appointment with the therapist to stop smoking. I am 11 days of Nicotine Deprivation today.

Starting the weekend with these little numbers I made on Friday. The BBFF was having a St. Pattys Day party and I decided to make cupcakes. They look yummy just plain !
Here is after ! They had little green shamrocks and gold nugget sprinkles. So cute if I do say so myself ! Cream Cheese frosting is calorie free FYI.

So while the cupcakes were baking, I was cleaning and tagging my stuff for the 4-H Canby Tack sale next weekend. A friend is having a booth, and has nicely offered to sell some stuff for me so I can buy a new barrel saddle for Star.

I cleaned and tagged all this stuff while baking.. I still had more stuff at the barn ! Too much stuff! I don't have alot of tack, I'm not a tack collector, I prefer minimal stuff I use everyday, and one set for showing. Well, since I probably won't be showing this year I'm selling all my show items, and anything I never use.
So lets pray for a good turn out at the sale, I really want to buy a new saddle, and I need all of this to sell to pay for a large portion of it! This is how I keep my expenses in check. IF I want something new, I have to get rid of something else or five. I have the money to just go buy a a new saddle, but I prefer this method of raising the money. I'm going to be having a major blow out garage sale in Spring to pay for my horse trailer repairs and paint.
So this was just Friday!!
Post more about Saturdays festivities later !

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My First Web Site ! Check it out !

On my side bar you will see a link to my friends Website !

She is a blanket cleaning and repair service.

It is the first web site I have ever done, and WOW, some of it was easy peasy and some of it was hard. I even had to call in reinforcements of a Master Web Designer/IT guru to help me work out a kink.

I am still working out the colors and other elements but she needed an operational site by 3/21/09!

We did it on the barter system, I did the site and she is giving me riding lessons.

Feel free to give opinions and critique. No ridicule or heckling allowed as I am UBER sensitive and still
I don't know what I am capable of at this point :) Just a warning if you leave snarky comments.

DAY 7 Blogger Peeps !

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A long day and a long post !

Today was Logen's surgery day at Oregon Health and Science University Hospital. He broke his collar bone a year and a half ago and it healed poorly and crooked, so he had to have it broken, reset and screwed back in place. OUCH. The day started at 4:30 am and we were in his room by 6:30 am.
Here is our little patient, waiting for the happy drugs and night night time. He so nervous , I am afraid he suffers from anxiety like I do. Poor kid. !

Here we are in the waiting lobby area.. Nap anyone? We are both just so tired. This is now about 11 am and he is still in surgery. Right after I took this pic the surgeon came out and gave us an update.

I did hours of this and dozing with my iPod.
But, we did however take an hour to go exploring up at the main campus AKA PILL HILL.
Ready to come along?

I wanted to take the Tram. For those in the Portland Area you know what an expensive and logistical nightmare this was. They gave us a free pass because Logen was a patient in surgery.
cool. I am afraid of heights but this didn't phase me at all. Isn't that strange?

Here is a picture of the Tram going the other way. Aren't they funky looking pods? Made in Sweden I think. So imagine if Ikea made Trams :)

So we are just wandering around and went into the Doernbecher's Children's Hospital side of the Campus. Shawn called it the " bad place". This is one of the many sculptures and art spaces they have there. It is unlike any place you have ever seen. Its almost magical and entirely geared for children and not sterile , it's a cool place!

This is looking down from one of the top patios on the Children's side. The views were killer!
This turtle was much bigger than it looks !

This was a cool fountain in this Pink Courtyard, one of many courtyards. They had hidden places to have a quiet moment all over the campus. I am used to the Catholic hospitals, the only quiet place is a rose garden with statues of the Saints and a bench.

This was another fun Art Piece/Gazebo. I can just imagine kiddos running around and giggling and not really realizing they are sick, while parents are praying for a cure.

This is the sky walk over to the VA hospital side of the campus. We did that side first then over to the Children's side. Very modern and clean nothing like Walter Reed !

This is another picture of the view from that patio, Logen's surgery is being done and the big tall building on the right down below. It's the OHSU Center for Healing. But all in all it was a fun day with Sweetie and I hanging out together and finally getting Logen all fixed up.

Well, that was out day almost 9 hours from start to finish. whew.......

They had a SPA ! Wish I had known that in advance!! Massages for two!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

An Outing with the girlies

I have been down with the Flu/Cold crud since Tuesday night. So, my friend T calls me this morning and says hey you still want to go to the horse show? Sure.. I'm sick of being sick and I need some fresh air. The best bonus is that I get to spend the day with this face! Meet BG aka Baby Girl, Mini T, Sassy Pants etc....
OMG.. She is a kick in the pants and so easy going. What a talker! For almost three you would think she was 7 or 8. She's a smart cookie that one.

She wanted me to take a picture of her Momma. So I obliged accordingly. I spent the day doing what I was told by a 2.5 year old. I'm 40 she's 2.5 and I do what she wants?? Can you say s.u.c.k.e.r.... I even wiped her runny nose on my jacket sleeve.. Once a Mom always a Mom.
On the way home I bought her ice cream from DQ. She insisted we're gonna need more nakins, gonna need more nakins,.. She was right...

This is my friend T, you know the one I mentioned who's cute, skinny, and I love to hate. Yep, I had her and her kid in my car ALL DAY. I still hate her, but now just more than before :)

We actually went to visit our old Barn Owner Deb. She is doing well and gettin on with gettin on. The show was a fundraiser for the Arab Club of Oregon and Deb was the Announcer. Now there is a job that I thought might be fun, but its so not... But we did get to sit in the crows nest for most of it..

Ok the BG likes to have her picture taken so I again obliged. She like to make funny squishy eyed faces. Not sure why, but she's cute anyway.I was glad I got my horse show fix and got to see a friend I haven't seen in awhile. Mending fences and forgiveness is a long hard road, but I am managing to take it one day at a time.Someday I'll have a picture on here of my happy squishy face too!